Did Dave Chapelle give back the 50 million?

Since they paid him and he only completed a few episodes of the third season, did he give it back since he didn’t finish? What happened?

Yeah, I’m sure he never received it prior to some compliance. If he did, wow, suckas.

What Ripper said. Even in the extremely unlikely event that CC paid him before he came through, I’m sure they (or Viacom) have lawyers who’ve taken a first year course in contract law.

In these cases, I use the “What precautions would even a doofus like I take?” method of figuring.

Even I can figure out to put in the contract that DC gets paid X for every show completed, Y for every rerun shown, and Z% of gross DVD sales.He would also be obligated to perform certain promotional activities.

I’ve read essays in newspapers about how these entertainment contracts are almost always overblown, because claiming huge figures makes free publicity. What they also don’t point out is that huge contracts like ZZ Top got once upon a time often never really materialize. The band is supposed to record its record, put it out, and maybe go on tour with that money, and the record companies are good at charging for every last thing, and they’re even good at coming back for a refund if you didn’t meet your sales minimum.