Did/Do you have a Grammy and Grampy? (Not about what you call your grandparents)

**Please do not hijack this thread to talk about other terms for grandparents. That’s a really good subject…but for another thread. This thread is just about the terms “Grammy” and “Grampy.” **

While talking to others, I’ve noticed that not many people around here call their grandparents Grammy or Grampy. This makes me wonder if there’s some sort of ethnic or geographic connection to these terms - I was taught them by my mother’s family, Portuguese people from southern Massachusetts.

So if you do use Grammy and/or Grampy, where are they from(which part of the US or other country), and what ethnicity are they? And if you only use one and not the other, what do you pair it with instead?

My brother and I called my father’s father (may he rest in peace) “Grampy,” and we called my father’s mother (may she rest in peace) “Mimi” (rhymes with “Jimmy”).

My fathers parents were from Massachusetts (Lawrence) and were of English and Scottish (mostly English) descent.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and I never heard of anyone else (until this thread) calling their grandfather “Grampy,” but I just asked my father, and he says that the term “Grampy” is standard in Massachusetts. My mother says that “Mimi” was just my effort to say “Gramma.”

My son’s grandmother (that is, my wife’s Mom) insisted that she be called “Grammy”. I think she wanted that name because one of her close friend’s mother was referred to as Grammy as well.

Here’s the geography.
The original (wife’s mother’s close friend’s mother) Grammy lived in the Cleveland area all her life.
My wife’s Mom grew up in upstate New York. After she married, she lived in Bennington VT or Cleveland OH areas. She now resides in Florida and spends her summers in Maine.

My mother is “Grammy” to my children, but my dad is not “Grampy”.

We are of Scotch / Irish decent. Located in Arkansas, and the family has been here for several generations (at least 6).


My Great-Grandmother was Grammy, to me.

Wonderful lady. I cherish the memories of the times we spent together.

My father’s parents were called Grammie and Grampy.

Grampy was Italian; his parents moved to the US around 1900.

Grammie’s ancestors had been in the US for several generations, so she was a mix of many things, but mainly German I believe.

They lived in western New York state.

On my father’s side, his mother was Grammy. No Grampy at all on either side.