Did Dylan cover "Get Rhythm"?

My friend thinks she may have heard a version of the Johnny Cash song “Get Rhythm” recorded by Bob Dylan.

It wouldn’t surprise me: Cash and Dylan go back a long way.

But my googling was fruitless: the fact that they go back a long way results in lots of figurative ‘noise’ when searching.

My friend says the alleged version of GR was slow and bluesy compared to the rockabilly recording by Cash.

Does anyone know if such a version was recorded (and if so, what album it was on)? Or, if not, whose version it might have been? TIA.

Allmusic is a great resource for this sort of question - unfortunately, it does not show Dylan recording “Get Rhythym.” That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have done it live or on a bootleg of some sort.

If you go to www.allmusic.com and search for “Get Rhythym,” you’ll find some of the people who covered the song, e.g. Little Richard, Reverend Horton Heat, and David Allen Coe.