Did Eisners "The Spirit" have any powers?

As the title said. Yes, I know he wasn’t super-powered like Superman, but did he have any powers at all?


Nah. He was just a regular joe who could take a beating.

Eisner created him as sort of an anti-superhero – no powers, no real costume other than a tiny mask that fooled no one. He wouldn’t have bothered with those, but superheros were big and that’s what his clients wanted.

The Spirit was more like a short story series than a traditional comic book, and the stories fluctuated between genres.

His suspended animation might have made him immune to the effects of age, but then very few comics characters are allowed to age anyhow.

I highly recommend Darwyn Cooke’s recent twelve issue run on The Spirit. It’s in a hardcover collection now. Of course Eisner is the man.

I was gonna say, he basically has that Homer Simpson thing that keeps him from suffering brain damage from repeated blows to the head, but that’s it.

The power to attract hot babes. :smiley:

Considering how many times he got shot, he must have had the regeneration powers of Wolverine.