Did Elvis ever collaborate on any song hits?

My wife and I have been discussing this. Did Elvis have any collaboration hits? I was thinking maybe during his Sun Records days?

I could see him performing with Jerry Lee Lewis or Johnny Cash. Not sure if it happened.

Didn’t he sing with Ann-Margret in a film? Was that released as a single?

He did in fact record with both Lewis and Cash–together, no less, and with Carl Perkins to boot. But it was just a loose jam session and not the source of any chart hits.

The famous “Million Dollar Quartet” was Elvis, Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins and Cash. But this came about when Elvis made an informal visit to the Sun Studios after he had already signed to RCA. It was a jam session and never intended to be recorded, but some wise engineer flipped on the tape deck just the same. (It’s believed that Cash left sometime before this and wasn’t present during the recorded segments.)

This session wasn’t officially released in the US until 1990, but was released overseas and widely bootlegged prior to that.

But otherwise, Elvis recorded nothing official at Sun with any other artist. As for the rest of his career, he may have done duets in his films, but none were ever released as singles.

That was probably Colonel Parker’s decision. No one could distract from Elvis.

I was just looking at the clip of Ann Margaret in Viva Las Vegas. No singing. They got her off stage dancing except for the very end.

I have a pretty clear memory of him singing a song about rainbows with a badly lip-synching Juliet Prowse in GI Blues. But when I looked it up in IMDB, he’s the only one credited on any of the songs.

Nancy Sinatra sneaks a few lines into “There Ain’t Nothing Like a Song” from the film Speedway (1968), but again, it wasn’t a single release.