Did ESPN get their March Madness bracket wrong?

On this page, it looks like they have the winner of the East region playing the winner of the Southwest. And the winner of the West region playing the winner of the Southeast region. If you click on the GIF link at the top right, (and then turn your head 90 degrees) you’ll see the more correct version which has the East playing the West and the South’s playing each other. If you go to the other major sites, you’ll see that that is correct.
My question: “Is it possible to read the first link correctly?”
If you go straight to the source it looks similar to the ‘wrong’ one too. link. Except on that one they have the region winners going into a new mini-tournament with no indication as to which team goes where.

You’d think that they’d have plenty of time to get this right :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks fine to me, albeit a little more confusing than it could be. All the vertically lined up teams are matchups, so you’d put the East and SW finalists to the left and right of “Houston” and the West and SE on the respective spaces on the bottom, and then the two championship teams go in the middle box.

Don’t the 2 teams you have at the top seem like they should play each other to get into that box in the middle? The vertical method you assume (which is correct) was assumed differently by a number of people I’ve asked around here.

Yeah, I could see that. It’s just so odd they connect that line straight through…