Did FDR really have polio?

I certailny had assumed so. It’s what we were all taught. The other day, I was looking up Andy Griffith, and discovered that he had suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome. Always eager to learn more, I searched wikipedia to find what this disease was only to uncover the “truth” that FDR did not suffer from polio, but from Guillian-Barre syndrome. I don’t really like to take wikipedia at its word, so I checked the reference (warning, it will download the pdf when you click the link.) It looks to me like a pretty legitamit comparison of FDR’s well documented symptoms with the symptoms of Polio and Guillain-Barre syndrome. I have to admit it is pretty convincing, but I’m not a medical professional. I certainly don’t know how credible this journal is.

Should history be rewritten?

Huh. Interesting.
Searching on the name of the disease and “Roosevelt” turns up a lot of secondary sites citing the original study, like this one:


Or this: