Did George Wallace actually go to one of MLK's churches?

Today, at my church, the Rev. Peter Johnson mentioned that George Wallace went to a church full of civil rights leaders in his wheelchair. Coretta Scott King was there as well as Martin Luther King, Sr. George Wallace was in tears during the service.

Is this story true?

Here is the service.

Wallace spoke in the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL. on more than one occasion. In his wheelchair.

So far I can’t find out if Ms. King or Mr. King Sr. were there.

I’ll keep searching.

One occasion was in 1975, and one occasion was 1977.

Do I really have to listen to the whole service to find out what he said? :slight_smile:

And another occasion was in November, 1974, just after his re-election.

This was an amazingly long service. The above mention was toward the end, I’d say around the 90 minute mark.

Well, I just listened to the whole thing, but I must have fallen asleep when he said anything about Wallace/church/King. Sorry.

Can you listen to it and provide me the exact wording? He WAS a good speaker.

For what it’s worth, my searches would indicate that neither Ms. King or Rev. King Sr. were at any of the three appearances by Wallace at the Dexter St. Church. Of course, just because they weren’t mentioned in news reports doesn’t prove they weren’t there. But I think this is not true.