Did Guy Stuff reach escape velocity?

I tried to replay when the count hit 999, but got kicked out. Now it says 1004, and it won’t let me access page 21.

Please tell me Guy Stuff lives!

Now up to 1005, but can’t see anything past my last post. (997)

One more invisible post and we beat Phaedrus, anyway.


Wo de qianzi shi Zhongwende.

a) It’s over 1005. Mikan did it.

b) I can see it all now. I still don’t know why I couldn’t before.

c) Thanks to Max Torque for what seemed to be a triple post.

d) And to all teh people who posted thinking they would be 1000th.


Wo de qianzi shi Zhongwende.

For some reason, sometimes when the board slows up and is going down, you can still post–it’s just that the posts don’t seem to show up anywhere, until a subsequent post is given, after the board is backup. In GQ right now, there are a few threads from around 8PM that are not showing the most recent posts yet.

MMMpphhh…Sorry, them oatmeal pies tend to gum up the works!

I gave up reading it when it reached in the 300s…my attention span isn’t that great.