Did HRC Back Up Her Charges (Regarding Trump)?

I thought that her statement was pretty strange. She was obviously trying to defame Trump in any way she can find. The statement itself is illogical-she implies that Trump (a US citizen) has no right to say what he/she wishes). She also thinks that ISIS/DAESH/ISIL or whatever needs any more excuses to attack non-muslims; it is clear that they have no trouble recruiting psychopaths, despite anything that Donald Trump might say…can you imagine these fanatical killers upset that they might no be allowed to immigrate to the US?
Just another stupid statement from a would-be demagogue.

No, she doesn’t imply that. She implies that reckless speech can have unintended, and undesirably, consequences.

Time to let this one go too, John.

And not surprislingly, he didn’t come up with that pedantic strategy himself:

Actually, he’s right. “Are going to” is in this context present tense.

What would he be arguing about, that some Americans, even some famous ones, don’t like Muslims? Oh the horror! Next thing you know I’ll show my brother in law a video of a famous imam calling Americans “the sons of monkeys and pigs” and he’ll up and join the Army.

If Hillary had only said “If I were an ISIS recruiter, I would show videos of Trump…” then she’d be on perfectly solid ground and this would be a non-issue. What she actually said is only a shade removed.

Hillary should just respond: I’ll produce my ISIS recruiting video when you produce your video of New Jersey muslims celebrating on 9/11.

So, “don’t like” is roughly equivalent to “let’s bomb 'em”? Allow me a moment to think about that. Ah! Thanks.


Correct on both accounts.

OK, so on the one hand, Hillary’s remarks are not wholly factual. A teaspoon of dishonest and stupid. Then, we have actively fomenting hatred and fear for about a billion people, world wide. Not a teaspoon. Does Caterpillar even make a front-loader with three ton capacity?

By the logic of “ISIS recruiting” as seen by ignorant Westerners, there should be a very large cell of Jewish terrorists bombing Mecca in Saudi Arabia right now. Inflammatory rhetoric is a recruiting tool for absolutely nothing. I’m sure it’s used because idiots will use anything, but no peaceloving Muslim is going to judge that Muslims around the world are under siege because people in Corsica burned Korans yesterday or Donald Trump wants to prevent Muslims from coming to the US for awhile.

ISIS’ actual recruiting strategy is pretty much the same as our own: adventure, see the world, win glorious battles, fight for Islam(or in our case freedom).

Oh, so that’s all he said? Nothing more than that? Well, shit, I had the guy all wrong! That darn liberal media has told me he said stuff like snuffing people’s families to get them to toe the line. Oooh, that lyin’ liberal media again!

Did you know, they even made up some phony videotape that looks just like him saying just exactly that! The bastids!

Doesn’t matter what he said. Nothing one man says is going to add a single ISIS recruit. Europe has had anti-Islam demagogues for years. Trump adds nothing new.

Well, that certainly settles that!

Well, if people are willing to die over what a famous person in another country said, then there are really special kinds of idiots in that part of the world. Because not one person in the West, not even one solitary person out of a billion Westerners, would grab his gun because some foreigner said something inflammatory about his people.

The thing is, if there are actually that many people with that special brand of crazy in the Muslim world, then there isn’t actually any such thing as being too anti-Muslim. It would prove that Islam is indeed the greatest threat to mankind their is if it can poison minds so thoroughly.

Wouldn’t it just be better to assume they take up arms for real reasons, even if they are unjustifiable, like wanting to get chicks, or conquer the world, or kill people not like them(which ISIS is VERY good at)?

Wait a tick. So, if Trump talks about killing families, and they get pissed about it, its their fault? Something is wrong with them for feeling threatened and hated?

Maybe there could be a support group for that, people unworthy of Trumps acceptance. Big damn group. Want a convention, have to rent a continent.

And they don’t also think Hillary Clinton is going to be killing their families? They are ignorant, but not that ignorant.

No, not really. Hillary didn’t say that ISIS was producing recruiting videos using Trump footage, only that they were showing people video of Trump. Hell, I’ve shown people videos of Trump and I haven’t produced any of them; CNN, Fox News, ABC, MSNBC, etc. have all done my production work for me and I find them distributed for free by the networks (and by other interested parties via YouTube).

It isn’t just one famous person. It is one famous person who wants to lead the most powerful military in the world. If you’re Muslim and you see a guy on television running for president that says you’re not welcome to even visit his country anymore, maybe you’re saying to yourself “maybe the radicals are right. Maybe the west really does hate us and we have to go to war”. To say that because Muslims might react violently to these inflammatory words as proof that one cannot be too anti-Muslim I think just reveals the bigotry that has been lurking under the surface, the bigotry that Trump is all too willing to incite and exploit.

Plenty of hate for Americans going around but we don’t have Americans shooting up Paris, or Mecca, or Pyongyang.