Did HRC Back Up Her Charges (Regarding Trump)?

Call me crazy, but I think the number of armed Americans in Pyongyang and Mecca is pretty small. Suppose the USSR and the Warsaw Pact was reborn and twice as powerful. Putin leads the USSR and declares that Christians may no longer enter the USSR. I think those Christians behind the Iron Curtain would indeed begin an insurrection and start killing people.


Yes, the “hate” Americans get throughout the world is totally comparable to the hate Muslims face. Totally equivalent.

EDIT: whoops, thought this was the pit.

Right…those crazy Danes had no right to print cartoons of a historic figure that nobody knows what he looked like.
Can we discuss a bridge in Brooklyn I have for sale?

First, tell us when you bought it.

Man, for you people that hate Faux News you sure do watch a lot of Faux News. I’ll never get that.

No thanks, You just offered to sell me some apples and then brought out a bunch of oranges.

No, they have plenty of targets right here - like everywhere there’s a Planned Parenthood office, or a mosque.

That’s because those countries know better than to let armed Americans in to shoot up their countries.:smiley:

So, Iraq…invited us?

Hillary Was Right: Trump Rant On Muslims Shows Up On New Terror Recruitment Video

[Trump supporter] That’s not ISIS!!! [/Ts]

So it was a prediction, she wasn’t speaking in the present tense? Not to mention the logic about self-fulfilling prophecies.

Clinton through out a common accusation that my side has used against yours, and it really needs to stop. “People should watch what they say” is one of the low points of the BUsh administration. Democrats don’t need to be promoting that philosophy.

It’s entirely reasonable to criticize inflammatory rhetoric.

As well as defeatist rhetoric, if that’s the case. They use that against us too(as we use it against them).

What defeatist rhetoric?

You don’t remember the Bush administration very successfully saying that Democrats were providing comfort to Al Qaeda with their rhetoric?

I don’t remember al-Qaeda using video of Bush-era Democrats as recruitment tools.

They watch the news. They saw Harry Reid saying the war was lost.

I just want to throw out a couple of things related to this topic:

  1. We don’t need the ‘wag the dog’ mentality of restricting our speech based on what terrorists might do.

  2. Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq as a senator and that did much more to support ISIS and other enemies than anything Trump has had to say.

And yet they didn’t find it compelling enough to use it to recruit new soldiers. They find Trump that compelling. They find Trump a great way to draw in the rubes and get them angry enough to kill.

Could it be because Harry Reid never used racist bullshit and Trump has repeatedly?