Trump calls Barack Obama the "founder of ISIS."

Fucking incredible. The man keeps making outrageous statement after statement. He has absolutely no filter between his brain and his mouth.

Ridiculous! ISIS is an extremist Sunni group, Obama is a Shia! I swear, some people will believe anything!


He’s just getting himself in the news. Check that–he’s keeping himself in the news. And chuckling at the outrage from the left.

Broke Donny can’t buy airtime so he has to resort to tactics which make his own party abandon him and put a definite, insurmountable ceiling on his possible support.

Vox has an interesting article on the death spiral Broke Donny is in. I’ll add one thing he didn’t: Thin-Skinned Donny can’t resist rising to the bait, and, for him, low numbers are bait. He can’t help himself. He has to say something to stay in the news when he sees he’s going downhill, and what he says just keeps him down. His tiny little hands just wail away at some new Tweet which will further cement his position as someone not even most Republicans will associate with. He’s down to the kiddy-diddlers, folks; he’s letting the kiddy-diddlers of the GOP into his rallies.

This is not something to dismiss with laughter. He is fertilizing fascism on an almost daily basis, pushing the boundaries with so many outrageous lies that people can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction, and erasing the boundaries of what passes for acceptable conduct in American political discourse. This is a genie that is hard to put back in the bottle, particularly when someone sees how successful a political novice has been in utilizing to his advantage. Millions of us, even those of us who abhor his comments, are being conditioned to meet these behaviors with passivity. “Meh, it’s just Trump being a nut again.” Yes, but what we’re now conditioned to accept has changed. A democratic society needs the ability to feel outraged. That is being systematically destroyed on an almost daily basis, and we’re in serious danger because of it.

Bush created ISIS. They never would have risen to power if he hadn’t ousted Saddam.

And then disbanded the Iraqi Army.

This thought can only arise without a Republican Brain Filter. Using a Republican Brain Filter, one can easily determine that, unlike Obama, Bush is White and American. Therefore, good guy.

That, and he said the magic words “radical Islam”, so you know he was Tough On Terrorism.

Saying the magic words makes it real.

Saying the magic words keeps the scary brown people away.

The problem isn’t Trump- it’s the Trump supporters. If his crowds had even modest intelligence and a shred of decency, Trump would spout his venom and soon see the backs of the crowd as they head for the exits. But his followers are not decent people. They are the scum of the earth, disgusting little bigots who don’t want to share the nation with people who don’t look like them, speak like them, or pray like them. Trump won the nomination by appealing to the lowest form of humanity, but a form that became energized and became a plurality of a morally bankrupt party. If his supporters would not snap up the red meat like a pack of rabid hyenas every time Trump hurls it, then perhaps he would change his tactics. But they won’t stop and neither will he.

What does Trump think about white supremacists and abortion clinic bombers? Not all terrorists are Brown or Muslim.

If you can say this about Bush then the same thing can be said about Obama. This is common campaign rhetoric.

Well, part of the problem is that the outrage is increasingly not just the left, but people on the right as well.

And it’s pretty clear from his demeanor and rhetoric that Donald Trump is not doing much chuckling these days.

Well, i have to give him kudos from being so explicit this time that there is room for debating what he really meant.

This, and the ‘Second Amendment’ remark, are pure-d trolling. Do not feed, is the best advice I can muster.

Not to mention, not having a vaguely Arab-sounding middle name.

And yet we’re supposed to pretend that he’s sane…

Those are just people implementing Second Amendment solutions.

I don’t think this can be said loudly or strongly enough.

“Obama founded ISIS” is right in the same vein as the suggestion that Hillary Clinton should be murdered; it is a characterization of his political opponents as literal physical threats. Trump is telling people that the likes of Clinton and OBama are not merely political rivals, but are actually enemies of the United States who should be killed. And you know what? Trump has stopped falling in the polls. The polls have stabilized, and his chances have gotten just a little bit better since they hit a new low at the beginning of the week. His gaffes about the Khan family and such hurt him badly, but outright calls for violence are NOT hurting him.

Trump is normalizing fascism. He is saying and doing things that not long ago would have had him polling behind the third parties. It is impossible to imagine Ronald Reagan or Jimmy Carter saying such things in 1980 and NOT losing 25 points in the next poll. What’s happening is indescribably awful.

While this may be his aim, he is stoking the fires of fascism by doing so. The trouble with pandering to a mob is that they don’t understand that they are being pandered to, and can react unpredictably. It’s no yawning matter. While I really hate invoking the Hitler meme, I’m sure that there were many who thought he was merely a troll and a rabble-rouser in the early days.