"Trump is not a bad person, make an effort to like him" - oooooooookayee

Pitting this thread:
The possibility that you’re simply trolling, truthSeeker2, certainly crossed my mind, as someone else already pitted, er pointed out, in that thread.
Already Trump is crapping the bed by hiring on shitstain Stephen Bannon as his chief advisor, so already the prospect of making “an effort to like him” seems kinda futile, uh, ya think?
I should’ve waited until later today to post this so I could respond punctually (heading out the door in about 30 minutes for work) but this so drankles the ole rankle that I had to get it out now.
Bad enough not addressing all the questions you were asked in that thread, but even just posting such a misguided OP in the first place…
I will allow this thread also as a challenge if anyone thinks they can post here an even fucking stupider OP (original post, not poster, that is!) than that one (from the last seven odd months I’ve been here).

AFAIK, I’ve only interacted with the target of this pitting in one thread. That was enough to see that the moron-in-question is dishonest and a raving bigot. Of course he supports Trump.

Well, that guy said Trump was honest and liberal.

Maybe those words mean something different in his native language.

There have been several threads so far happily celebrating the Trump win. Some were just mindless gloating, reminiscent of a five-year-old who got more candy than another five-year-old, but the two that I can recall offhand where the poster was under the illusion that he was actually making an effort to support him were the one that is being pitted here and this one. Both appear to have been started by mental deficients who can’t write, can’t spell, can’t think, provided absolutely zero substance, and ended up doing an unintended public service by providing a clear demonstration of how a dangerous moron like Trump could end up being elected. No surprise, it’s because morons are allowed to vote.

… and it doesn’t matter to them that the “candy” is compressed dog shit with pins in it. The point is, THEY GOT MORE.

Your second example was particularly dim. Basically, their posts boil down to;

“We knew exactly what we would get under HC, but I won’t tell you what I think we would have gotten under HC.”


“Trump was a calculated gamble, but I won’t tell you what factored into my decision to gamble, or what I might hope to gain. In fact, I won’t discuss anything, I just wanted to tell you I am right, and you are mean.”

What we need to keep in mind is that truthSeeker2 wasn’t a Trump voter. He claims to be from India.

Could an IP address check determine whether he’s posting from Delhi as opposed to, say, St. Petersburg?

IPs are indeed a geographical indication of where generally the computer is logging from. But I wouldn’t know how to go from post to poster’s IP. I assume the mods can, but we schmucks ? Iunno.
There’s also ways to spoof one’s IP address, should one be so inclined.

Maybe…Does anyone here speak Bizarro?

Doesn’t matter where he’s from. The fact that he’s a fucking imbecile trumps – as it were – everything else. And if he’s actually from that place where most of the annoying scam telemarketing calls that I get seem to originate, then fuck his country, too.

If I remember, his main complaint against the USA is that we don’t do enough improve his country. Ignoring the fact that his country has a government that should be doing that.

You think he’s Russian?

Or Floridian.

There was a lot of support for Trump from Hindu nationalists, probably for anti-Islamic reasons.

We in America tend to forget that other countries have age-old racial biases that will never die.

I think you left out the word “also” in that sentence.

I’ll admit that early on I thought Trump was engaged in some genius, Andy Kaufman level infiltration. He had been on record as pro choice and supporting UHC and had spoken glowingly of Hillary Clinton. In the Art of the Deal, it says people love hyperbole and want to believe in big ideas, and how he manipulates the media by acting outrageously. He got up on the GOP stage and obliterated the Bushes over Iraq. He destroyed every idiotic Republican who said they wanted to cut entitlements. I thought the racism and over the top nationalism was red meat for the baying patriots in the crowd, like a smoke screen to cover his tracks.


Not sure when it first became obvious it wasn’t a trick, at least to me. Maybe the Mexican judge comment. Maybe when I learned more about his history of racial animus or behind the scenes perspectives from people who know him. Certainly no one could believe it after the attacks on the Khans, which in a normal year would’ve been the end of his campaign.

Thank you for the honor given to me by starting this thread. :slight_smile:

Some useless people over here thinking all/most Trump supporters are racist and Muslim-haters made Trump win at the first place. You guys are either stupid blinds or just purposefully pretend to be such. Stay as you are, maybe you will succeed in Americans and the world not wanting to support any candidate/party you support and help Trump to a second term as well in 2020.

No, you are a butt-hurt moron and now after Trump win, perhaps a little more butt-hurt. Hahaha

No, the mistake was in trying to pretend that the Right is not composed of such people. The Democrats have spent decades trying to pretend that the Republicans are basically decent, well meaning people who can be reasoned with, instead of acknowledging that they are bigoted, irrational sadists. So, they hugely underestimated how many people were willing to vote for scum like Trump.

I don’t think so…

I think we disagreed on the incorrect and rigged opinion polls too…I was of the opinion that those rigged polls should show neck-n-neck contest or show Trump little ahead to actually boost the win chances of Clinton.