I'm begging you, America!

Do not elect Donald Trump as POTUS! That idiotic nutjob got no brain to mouth filter and would make the 2nd Bush president look like a shining example of statesmanship. Trump has managed to insult women, veterans, the poor, etc. And he really does think we are stupid.

This is more a call to arms than a discussion or debate.

Off to The BBQ Pit.

If he gets elected, I’d be inclined to agree with him.

Other than that, I think you’re mostly preaching to the choir, here.

I admit I’m curious to see what a Donald Trump presidency would be like, but not enough to actually want to live through one.

He’s far from the worst candidate in the running right now. Unfortunately he’s looking more and more like he’ll be the GOP nominee. Despite the hysteria I’m not convinced we will be much worse off with Trump than any of the alternatives.

That’s the frightening part. I would prefer Trump to Cruz any day. But I agree with the OP, Trump would be a disaster. Hopefully, he’ll only be a disaster for the Republicans and President H.R.Clinton will cruise into the White House

Just an aside - a customer came in wearing a trump button yesterday. I fixed her problem amd answered her many questions, and when i walked away to research a question for her, she clucked to my supervisor that i was far too loud and pushy. I shook my head at that.

I know it’s scary. But at least he doesn’t appear to be a religious nutjob. He’s a bigoted misogynist because he’s a bigoted misogynist.

Sure of that, are you?

In theory, trump will alienate enough women and Latinos to cost him the election. But we will see.

No one will ever DARE ask him this at a GOP Debate, so I may as well post the question here as fair game for anyone else to ask him:

“Mr Trump, in as few words as possible, how would YOU have convinced Ammon Bundy and his armed militants to leave the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon more effectively than the current administration?”

“As few words as possible? I’ll go with zero. Next question.”

[DT] - There’s no need for them to leave. Just build a wall around them and make them pay for it.

I prefer Trump over Cruz as well. Cruz cost me my job with the EPA, self-righteous asshole that he is.

Aside from Trump being a huge blowhard, I think his major flaw is that he’s too used to being surrounded by yes-men. He’s not going to have any idea how to deal with Congress when they shoot down his proposals. He can’t fire them. He can complain about them very loudly, but that would alienate them from supporting his objectives. He can’t exactly win them over by wining and dining and treating them to hookers and blow, because he would have to adhere to budget restrictions that don’t involve his own money. He can’t do any of the “hard line” shit he says would do to foreign leaders because they’re also our business partners and the world economy would go down the toilet.

But he would be a better choice than Cruz.

America’s in pretty bad shape if Trump is the Republicans best hope.

I don’t think a trump presidency will be that bad, assuming we don’t get into another war. I agree with Jimmy Carter, I don’t think trump has very deep beliefs, unlike Cruz who probably actually believes what he says.

The Republican Party is in pretty bad shape if Trump is their only hope.

The rest of America retains some sanity.

I was amused that he finally managed to get people to boo him by the radical expedient of telling the truth.

I’ll do what I can, but it’s only one vote. But I will do that much!

That’s an awful cruel thing to do to ducks…

Well you are stupid. Thinking that this board consists of the entirety of America is pretty stupid.

America and the Democratic party is in pretty bad shape if Clinton is their best hope.