Did HRC Back Up Her Charges (Regarding Trump)?

Or is it because Harry Reid is insignificant now and hasn’t said anything they’d use in this new age of twideo or whatever the hell those damn kids are doing these days.

Staying in Iraq was hurting America far, far more than Al Qaeda ever could, so even if saying this somehow helped Al Qaeda, it helped America even more by turning opinion to the point that we had to get out.

Recreational drugs, video games, cable TV and sex. Rotten little shits…

Then we’d hear claims that she said she was an ISIS recruiter. Some people hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest.

I had no idea you were a boxer.

That’s a LIE LA LIE!


Still, when it comes to politics, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

Stop it, or I’ll feed you to the horses on seventh avenue.

Trump must be disappointed that it’s only an al-Qaeda affiliate using him for propaganda - he’s accustomed to only being vilified by the biggest, most glamorous, absolutely terrific terrorist cells.

Wingnuts, two days ago: Hillary is a LIAR! It’ll never happen!!! LIAR!

Wingnuts, today: Oh, well…it doesn’t matter. Nobody ever gets recruited by those videos anyway.

Wingnuts, two days ago: All Muslims are the same!

Wingnuts, today: That’s not ISIS, though!

Also “Pedants, today”.

Wait, did I stumble on a misheard lyrics thread, or do horses often come on to you on the streets of New York, and were there times you were so lonesome you took some comfort there?

Could be whorses.

Vaughn Bode. Aubrey Beardsley with a warm, depraved chuckle. Screw Hogwarts, Cheech Wizard rules!

He is the only prominent American major-party figure to call for entirely barring Muslims from the country, is he not? This was Trumpeted around the world; plenty of people certainly saw it as something very new and striking.

Shot up Baghdad pretty good, though.

It has always seemed to me that Trump’s rhetoric would be far more useful in radicalizing Muslims already in the United States, not in Syria or wherever. When you’ve got this blowhard on TV every night going on about evil Muslims followed by reports that he is leading in the polls, that might make Muslims think that there is a large segment of the US population who wants to kill them.

I’m more worried about Trump’s helping to recruit terrorists already here, not overseas.

This is just hilarious. Thanks!

You’ve moved the goalposts around so much, I’m surprise you even know where they are any more.

I’m surprised he knows WHAT goalposts are