Did I ever tell you my wolf story?

My apologies if I already have.

This happened about twelve years ago. I woke up one morning, walked out of my bedroom, and there was a wolf sitting on the couch.
(Zeke, my housemate’s German Shepherd, was sitting at the extreme opposite end of the couch. He was all, like, “so…what’s your sign?”)

The front door was open, and my housemate Stan was outside, watering the front yard. I went out the door.

“Stan,” I said, “there’s a wolf on the couch.”

“I know,” he said. “It just walked in.”

Huh. Okay.

I may have made a cup of coffee at this point. After all, I had just woken up.

I noticed the wolf was wearing a collar with tags. I introduced myself to the wolf, and approached cautiously, reaching for the tags to take a look. The wolf made a low growl.

“Okay,” I said. “Maybe you’re hungry. I don’t really know what wolves eat, exactly – would dog food be okay?”

So I went to the store and got two cans of dog food – one for Zeke, one for the wolf. After the wolf had eaten, and drunk some water, I approached again, to look at the tags. This time she allowed me to do so.

So I called the phone number on the tag.

“This is such-and-such an agency, how may I help you?”

“Hi, I have a lost wolf sitting on my couch, and her tags said to call this number.”

“Okay, can you give me the numbers off the back?”

I gave them the numbers.

“That’s not a wolf,” they said, “that’s a husky.”

I looked over at the couch. Long nose…big ears…straight tail…slender build… – “Okay, it’s a husky.”

“I’ll call the owner, and give them your number.”

Fifteen minutes later, I get a call from a very excited man. As soon as he spoke to me, the wolf jumped up off the couch and started whining and capering.

“You found my wolf?!” he said.

“Yes, she just walked in our door this morning.”

“Okay, will you be there in half an hour? I gotta go get my wife and daughters! Where do you live?”

I told him.

Half an hour later, a minivan pulls up. Out tumble a very nice family – the man, his wife, and two beautiful little girls. They run up to the door. I let them in, and pandemonium ensues. The wolf is beside herself. Everyone is grinning madly. Everybody cries.

“Oh, my poor baby! You’re so skinny!” the mom says. The wolf is kissing everybody and running in circles and getting up on her hind legs to hug them.

The man takes out his wallet, and shows me a portrait they had taken at like a Sears portrait studio or something. It shows the wolf, and the two little girls dressed as Pocahontas.

So here’s what happened: The man works at a wolf rescue organization – they take in abused wolves and ones that people tried to raise as pets (and failed.) This particular wolf and he and his family had bonded, and eventually she came to live with them. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they had allowed the former owner to visit, and he somehow stole the wolf and vanished. The guy told me that he and the family used to drive around and around the area where they thought the guy lived, just looking for the wolf. Finally, with heavy hearts, they gave up.

When did the wolf go missing?

“About a year ago.”


On the way out the door, the guy slipped me fifty bucks. (The timing was awesome; as it happened, I was pretty short that week.)

Why did the wolf pick my house, out of all the houses in Oakland, to just walk right in that day? I always figured it was because my son’s name is Wolfgang – it means “Guardian of the Wolves.”

Wolfgang himself had spent the night at a friend’s house, and he missed the whole thing, alas.

Wow, what a great story! :smiley:

That’s certainly not something that happens to most people.

I’m glad the wolf seemed relatively friendly with you.

Well, I’d say that a wolf that you can take into JC Penney or Mervyn’s, you know, and have a formal dress-up portrait done, is probably a wolf that is relatively amiable. :slight_smile:

But you’re absolutely right, I certainly didn’t kow that at the time.
Ha ha, that’s the part that I found really really funny; here are these two charming fair-haired girl children, with their little buckskin dresses and headbands and feathers, and what is so obviously a wolf, posing together against a painted background in a mall somewhere.

Is it illegal to keep a wolf? So they had it registered as a husky?

This is in Oakland, CA? Near the hills or out in the flatlands?

What a neat story! Glad she was able to be reunited with her family. :slight_smile:

Senegoid: I think it must be illegal to keep a full-blood wolf as a pet around here. If I’m not mistaken, I believe it’s okay to have mixed-breed part wolves.

But yes, this was clearly a proud and beautiful wolf; and yes, although no one said so explicitly, I am sure that’s why she was registered as a husky.

At the time, I was living on 45th and Linden Streets in Oakland. I think addresses across the street were technically in Emeryville. This is definitely the flats; I was just a few blocks east from San Pablo Ave.; San Pablo is several blocks east from the frontage road; and that’s several blocks east from the water.

The wolfnapper lived in an area between me & the water, and a little bit south, called “Dogtown.” A far more hostile area at the time than where I lived. So the wolf ran a long gamut of free-roaming pittbulls, crack addicts looking for any conceivable way to make a buck, and heartless people driving much too fast.

All this has calmed down significantly since Mr. Obama took office. But that’s another long conversation.

That’s an awesome name! Are you a Mozart fan, by any chance?

What a great story! Returned-pet stories always make my day.
Related: My son’s gorgeous pit bull Bruce was stolen off his porch about 2 years ago. All this time we’ve kept our eyes open, knowing he was probably stolen by someone nearby. This Christmas, his SIL was looking on Craigslist for a pup, and found a pitbull litter with pics of the mom and dad dog. And the dad was…Bruce.
Son’s girlfriend went to the house and told them that they had a stolen dog and she wanted him back Right Now. They insisted they found him running loose but returned him with no argument.
And sure enough…they lived about 2 miles from my son’s house.

Awesome story, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Well, I like Mozart, but I like Bach much better. --Except for the “Rondo Alla Turca!” I love that!

The truth is that his father named him after Wolfgang … Van Halen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be (and have been) devastated when pets have gone missing so I really love hearing about the happy endings too.

I read a book a few years ago The Philosopher and the Wolf. Though not the greatest thing ever written, it was quite interesting and touching too. I remember him describing how as a naughty pup he drags a cushion into the garden to wrestle with, as a naughty wolf he drags the sofa into the garden!

Sounds like a very sweet reunion, brujaja. My dog once ran off when she was scared by a loud bang. The people who found her just decided to keep her, even though she’s chipped and clearly loved and well-trained. It was a miracle we found her, but also a great reunion. They’d fed her a hearty diet of chips and she gassed us with doggy farts in the car all the way home!