My daughter captures a wolf with her foot

Driving home from work the other day, I was conversing with the Mrs. She informed me that she’d spotted a big white dog roaming our rural neighborhood. It was dragging about 15 feet of chain behind it. When approached by the Mrs. it ran off.

Neighbors soon reported they’d seen it too; it had been eating the garbage in the garage up by one of the nearby homes.

Duly informed of this new presence in the neighborhood, I hung up and drove home.

Upon pulling into the driveway, I beheld my youngest daughter standing there, holding a chain with a huge white canine at the other end. She reported to me that she’d arrived home, noted the animal strolling by, and put her foot on its chain, bringing it up short.

It had a collar, but no tag. It appeared a bit grubby, but not injured or starving. It had its tail between its legs, but finally did approach us, acting very submissive in the process. It happily dined on cat food we supplied it.

A neighbor dog strolled by to investigate. This dog, a brown lab, is not a tiny dog. But he was dwarfed by our visitor. He also intimidated the hell out of our visitor too, with much cowering, tail between the legs, and other submissive posturing.

Even so, I began to think: This visitor is not all dog.

Calling around a bit, another neighbor reported that it sounded like the dog that had gotten loose and attacked his wife a few years ago! He drove down, and confirmed that indeed this creature was the same one who had given his spouse such a frenzied carnal embrace that he had to intervene physically to break it up! :eek:

The owner was summoned, who quickly took charge of the animal. It was then that she informed us her pet was 15/16ths wolf!

My daughter is quite proud to have subdued a specimen of canis lupis, single-footedly. :cool:

I’m grateful she wasn’t lunch. Or the new Mrs. Wolf. :dubious:

The local humane society has been made aware of the situation. Further bulletins will appear as events warrant.

Yeah, wolves look particularly larger in real life than they do on the TV set.

I wouldn’t be too worried that something unfortunate would have happened, but certainly wolves shouldn’t be kept as any other regular pet.

At least the girl didn’t say, ‘Crikey! He’s a beaut! I’ll just go stick my thumb up his bum!’

15/16 wolf? How does that even work? Four generations back, a dog snuck into somebody’s wolf farm?

They have a lot of that in some Asian countries.

No pictures? I know it’s not a cat thread, but I am ticked! I want pics of cute wolfey!

Sadly, the owner came and spirited the wolf away before I was smart enough to grab the camera.

Does anyone know the name of the South Park episode I referenced? It’s one from before Steve Irwin died.

:eek: indeed. It’s merely annoying if a schnauzer tries to hump your leg, OTOH this… he must have his memory of the event intensified by the passage of time, is what I suppose.

Seems this wolf has spent its lifetime in a manner well below the station of a noble predator, and has been cowed into lapdoghood, to judge from the interactions with others (and the chain). Lucky for everyone else, I guess, but now I do wonder about his welfare…

Oh, and you realize your daughter’s H’ween costume for this year has got to be *Badass *Red Riding Hood…:wink:

Well that’s ok. I wasn’t seriously ticked, but next time I expect you to be ready :wink:

It was the last episode of season 2, about the guy from 1996 who was frozen, only to be revived in the present (which was January 1999 when that episode was made). It’s called “Prehistoric Ice Man.”

And man, if I came home and found my daughter holding a giant wolf-dog’s leash, I think I’d forbid her from ever stepping outside again! That must have made your heart skip a beat or three, Qadgop!

Nah, we embrace nature here. Lots of wildlife encounters around the neighborhood! My daughter is now well-versed in wildlife. In addition to the wolf, other free creatures she’s encountered on our land include bald eagles, an aggressive flock of wild turkeys, mink, swans, coyotes, barn owls, skunk, raccoons, gully cats, and queen snakes! :wink:

I believe in some areas it’s illegal to own a purebred wolf but you can own a dog/wolf hybrid. So 15/16 is as close as you can legally get to owning a “real” wolf.

I guess you’d look down upon someone who pointed out that domesticated dogs are C. lupis too (C. lupis familiaris, in fact)?

I’m guessing you both are going to gaze upon me with ultimate disdain when I point out that the wolf is Canis lupus?

And what you essentially get is a wolf that isn’t afraid of people. Lovely. It’s incredibly irresponsible to own such a creature, and the fact that people create them on purpose for amusment or bragging rights makes me rather disgusted. :mad:

One purebred got out in my old neighborhood, near a creek which was called Wolf Run. So there was a wolf running again at Wolf Run. The alarm was sounded and everyone knew a wolf was out.

Some kids found it, frightened and hungry, hiding behind the local Kroger store. They alerted the nearest adults, who alerted Animal Control, who recaptured the wolf without any trouble. I don’t know the exact fate of the wolf, but the owner was fined for some charge along the lines of “letting a dangerous animal run loose”

Wolves and their hybrids are popuar pets here too. I almost stepped on one at an art gallery in Santa Fe.

Yeah–I’m not a big fan of the idea, either. Early humans spent a lot of time and energy breeding certain instincts out of wolves, and early wolves spent a lot of time and energy adapting to human society, so that humans could get doggy companionship and assistance, and dogs could get human companionship and brains on their side. It’s been one of the great success stories of symbiosis in our planet’s history.

Folks who try to live alongside wolves are kind of missing the point of all that hard work. Wolves are amazing creatures, but they’re not tailor-made to live in human society. They can cause a bunch of problems here.


Oh dear! Not the dreaded gully cats! Not the horrific queen snakes!

Bah to Linus! I like Queen snakes :).