Did i get Tagged?

I got an invite to join Tagged online. Next thing I know, I was sending ouit email invites to at least one other person that i never invited to join. I think they stole my mailing list. True?
Like an idiot, I put in my Yahoo (one of my Yahoo passwords. I thought it was a Yahoo site!!)

A Snopes article from yesterday covers this topic. They ask for the login ID and address to “match you up with your friends” - meaning to send spammed invites to your address book to get people to think you’re inviting them to sign up.

Hmm, seems a stupid thing for them to do, won’t be long before folk sign off permanently, these idiots running this site have forgotten that the thing that makes it all work, can just as readily work against them.

I honestly don’t think the creators of Tagged were concerned about making their site a valuable social networking site (i.e. the next Facebook).

I’m thinking it’s more of an ingenius vector to harvest email addresses through the use of social engineering.

They probably sell boatloads of active email addresses just from the pyramid nature of this alone.