Did I Hear This Right, We Can Now Eat Horse?

If so, who makes that decision, the FDA? And what are the parameters used to bring this about - horse overpopulation?

Folks in my native Germany eat mule in the form of salami and my family in Eastern Germany served me guinea pig once without telling me. That thing was soooo greasy it (and finding out what I just ate) made me throw up, and I can still make myself nauseated just thinking of that day.:stuck_out_tongue:

Some of you may know that we Germans take notice if someone doesn’t eat everything on the plate, and will ask if the food wasn’t to your liking, so I ate the whole damn thing.

Gawd, I wish I hadn’t written this! Excuse me…;):smiley:


I hope so, the current laws on horses are so screwy it’s like they were written by a combination of weird horse/unicorn girls from JR High, and crazy cat ladies.

According to Marvin Harris’ book ** Good to Eat**, people have been eating horse in modern-day Europe. This seems to be supported by the Wikipedia article on horse meat:

This holds that horse certainly is eaten, as has been for quite a while in Germany. In the US, recent laws restricted the sale of horsemeat, and the last horse slaughter house (which supplied zoos and pet food) closed in 2007. But in November 2011 the ban on horse slaughter was lifted.

Read Harris’ book (also called The Sacred Cow and the Abominable Pig). There’s a whole chapter on eating horse

I didn’t know there were laws saying you couldn’t (in the US, that is - I’ve seen it on a menu in Canada) - I just assumed there was basically no market for it.

It never was illegal, per se, in most of the US. It’s just that for the last five years there’s been a ban on funding horsemeat inspections, and those bans have been lifted. Efforts to ban horsemeat outright failed. Some individual states have passed laws against slaughtering horses for human consumption, but no federal statutes prevent it. It’s just never been very popular in the US. It’s difficult to argue logically that there’s something reprehensible about eating a horse, but not a cow, given similar public health and humane slaughter guidelines.

California and Illinois are two states that outlaw it.

Congress passed a law in September lifting a ban on FDA inspection of horse meat slaughtered for human consumption. According to a CNN article, there are currently no American slaughterhouses processing horse meat for human consumption.

What prompted it was likely the fact that lots of horses raised in the US were simply sent elsewhere (Mexico and Canada) to be slaughtered for meat. Lots of other countries eat it.

This article suggests that the closure of slaughterhouses in the US has led to an over abundance of horses.

Well, by most accounts horses are smarter than cows, so that’s something. Then again, though, pigs are probably smarter than either.

Horse meat is incredibly common in large parts of Europe. I can get horse burgers at my local supermarket, as well as diced horse meat. If you go into the Veneto around Vicenza then it’s hard not to eat horsemeat, as well as donkey. The French are also big consumers of it.

It’s actually quite nice, by the way.

But all animals are equal.

But some are more equal than others.

I assume this is the case…kind of? Heck, I’ll eat it though if people tell me it tastes good.

Just to jump on the back of this horse, is there anywhere in the US that one can mail-order horse meat? I have always wanted to give it a try, and they don’t have a “horse” section down at the Kroger meat department.

Been looking for a sound byte of Mr. Ed saying: “Wilburrrrrr!” in a plaintive voice, but no luck.


Yeah, this is hypocritical, seeing as how I am a carnivore and all… but no way in hell could I eat horsemeat. To me they are a companion animal, and I could no more eat horse than I could eat dog or cat. Yes, yes, I know people eat THEM too, but as a personal choice I am not one of those people.

Hell, if I had a pet cow or pig I wouldn’t eat those either.

It’s in the marketing - We don’t call it cowmeat, we call it beef or veal. We don’t call it pigmeat, we call it pork. We don’t chickenmeat, we call it poultry (ok, work with me here).

So what should we call horsemeat? I suggest ‘tasty’.

“Would you like some tasty?”

“Yes, thank you. I would* love* some tasty.”

I’ve heard it tastes just like chicken.

I’ve had horse Sashimi here in Japan. It’s good when properly prepared.

On the analogy of “beef”, “mutton” and “pork”, coming from Norman French, it should be “cheval”.

So can someone who’s eaten it let me in on what Horsemeat tastes like?

I don’t have an issue with eating it, and I’d like to try it at least once to see what it’s like, it’s just not something that I’ve ever seen for sale in Australia.

If you’re referring to the steaks, I think it has a bit more of an earthy taste compared to beef. It is generally more tender though, like the fibers are more loosely combined together - if that makes sense.

And then you have the salami, smoked salty, smoked sweet variants to make sandwiches…

Horse meat is eaten in Norway, but it’s almost exclusively as an ingredient in the cured sausage “svartpølse” (lit. black sausage). That’s probably the second most popular cured sausage in Norway after salami though.

Informing ones teenage, female classmates they were consuming horse was always good for a few laughs.