Did I imagine this story about Paul Simon?

I was watching him on SNL and I remembered a story about him being seen at a McDonald’s ordering multiple orders of McNuggets and then being seen in his car alone outside eating them all. I can’t find anything on Google. Did I imagine this or does anybody else remember it or can anybody else find the story?

Why would that be a story?

Perhaps he was doing research for the lyrics of The Werewolf.

What would the story be? Busy/hungry person eats well known junk food?

The story was that the person saw him and thought he was ordering for a party or gathering and then thought it was sad to see him sitting alone in the parking lot eating it. Again, I can’t remember details so maybe I dreamed it.

Maybe it would help jog the internet’s collective memory if you could remember what kind of dipping sauce he supposedly ordered?

Honey Mustard?


Sweet & Sour?

I wonder what Edie Brickell sees in him? :confused:

Damn. Now I’m hungry for chicken nuggets and there ain’t none for MILES!

That’s funny.

Somehow it makes this wicked ol’ world a little less dreary to imagine a group of friends planning a little get-together, sitting around having a few beers, deciding on who will bring what, and Paul Simon saying, “Hey, I guess on the way over I can swing by and grab the McNuggets if that’s OK with everybody, but last time Joni Mitchell ate 3 times as many as anyone else, and she didn’t even offer me any cash. Not cool”

Are you sure it wasn’t a skit on SNL?

The OP should read the bio of Paul Simon for some insight into his personality. He was, for many years, a loner who immersed himself in his music. He’s an intensely focused person, which can come off as being cold and unemotional, and his relationships have suffered because of it. It’s surprising that he and Brickell have lasted this long, although I think she brings out the best in him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he sat in a parking lot eating McNuggets, or if he derived lyrics from the experience. His 70s song, Something So Right, pretty much sums up his personality.

Usain Bolt ate about 1,000 chicken nuggets in 10 days before going out to win three Olympic Gold sprint titles!

It’s worthwhile bringing up the story that Steve Berlin of Los Lobos told of their time working with him. They were pressured into helping Simon by their label president. Pre Graceland Simon was at a low point in his career and Los Lobos was doing great. They went into the studio, and Berlin says Simon just sat in the control room staring at them. This went on for 2 days, and Berlin says they started playing a song that they’ve been working on for their next album. Graceland comes out and it says “words and music by Paul Simon.” Berlin contacted Paul Simon asking what the hell, and Simon said “sue me.” As they haven’t recorded the song yet, they weren’t able to sue. But The Myth of Fingerprints is obviously a Los Lobos song. Several of the African artists that Simon ripped off were able to successfully sue him because they had actually released their songs on African labels

There was more to it than that, among other things, Steve Berlin claims that Paul Simon was in essence a cultural poseur and a musical dilettante, saying that he tried to impress Los Lobos by grandly lecturing them about this great genre of music he had recently “discovered” that he said was called “Zy-DECKO”. He apparently kept saying “Zy-DECKO” this and “Zy-DECKO” that, and they finally stopped him and said, "Hey, are you talking about the accordion, fiddle and washboard based music from Southern Louisiana? You know, actually that is traditionally pronounced “ZY-duh-co…” but Simon wouldn’t listen and just kept embarrasing himself.
With that said, I have had the great fortune of seeing Paul Simon perform live at least 8 or 9 different times all over the USA, (including with Neil Young at his annual Bridge School Benefit in San Francisco, with Aaron Neville at Jazzfest in New Orleans and 3 different times with Bob Dylan) and consider him to be one of the world’s greatest singer-songwriters, although I don’t doubt for a minute that he can be an arrogant, deeply unpleasant person to be around.

That said, the story in the OP may simply be a joke made about Paul Simon when people all over the world could still listen to his music on the radio almost every day, just like we can hear a lot of jokes about Tom Cruise these days. Don’t ask me to tell them though - I am now programmed to forget trivial stuff.

Speaking of trivia, hasn’t Paul Simon been an outspoken vegetarian since the ‘70s?

If so, it’d explain why he was hiding out in his car to eat the McNuggets.

There are so many reasons to hide out in your car while eating massive amounts of chicken McNuggets. You’re a vegetarian, you’re in an SNL skit, you have children, too many ferrets in your apartment. . …

It’s a long shot, but perhaps you’re thinking of Paul McCartney?

Haven’t we all binged on MickeyDs and some point? Just saying.