Did I just download a malicious file on my Mac?

I just got a new MacBook and when I went to setup my standard freeware decompression apps (UnrarX) I noticed the developer’s site was offline so no official copies of the app were available.

Because this is a freeware app I decided to look for a legal torrent and I found a relatively ‘popular’ torrent which had my file.

Unfortunately I’m now a little worried because I noticed that the file I got (and ran) has a different icon to what UnrarX has always had. That’s the only suspicious thing, otherwise it runs find.

What steps can I take to verify the file is not malicious? Easy place to upload a Mac .dmg to get it scanned?

The website appears to be up and running fine.


The icon for the current version 2.2 appears as 3 notebooks stacked atop each other.

I don’t know the answer to your other questions.

It’s entirely possible that there’s malware on top of it. You can upload the dmg to any of a bunch of online virus scanners, or open the image first and then upload the files inside to the scanners. Or just download a virus scanner for your Mac, like ClamAV or Avast, if you’re really that concerned.

Do you really open rars that often? If it’s just zips, OSX can already open them by default.

Or try keka, the 7-zip based mac version:

great replies, thanks!