Did I just open myself to some sort of scam? Thoughts requested.

So this morning I went out at the behest of my child (and, let’s face it, because I wanted to) to buy a shiny new PlayStation 4. It being launch day, all three stores I attempted were out of stock (I am a moron who failed to pre-order). On my way out of the third, in a small group of similarly disappointed would-be buyers, we ran into a young man who told us essentially that he had ended up with an extra console, and would sell it to any of us at cost (well, more or less - I actually paid him about three dollars more than he paid for it, but anyway).

I was the first person to accept. I didn’t have the necessary cash on hand; he and I exchanged cell phone numbers, and he waited at the store. I then drove to the ATM, got the cash, returned, and exchanged cash for PS4. I never got his name but I do have his cell phone number now (and I know it works).

Now, in retrospect, the whole thing seems a bit shady. I was in a hurry and didn’t really think about it. Why would he have an extra pre-ordered console? Why would he sell it to me at cost, instead of just returning it? Have I in some way opened myself to some kind of scam or problem? The console was in a sealed box and I saw him take it from the clerk; he also gave me the receipt from his own purchase of the console. It seems to work fine.

Any thoughts?

He might have had an extra pre-order for a family member, friend, etc who either didn’t want it or got one on their own (“Hey, guess what I just got ya… oh.”). And having someone just pay you face value is easier than standing in line at the return counter.

Since you’re using it and it works, you know it wasn’t a box of rocks and you have a receipt for it so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Edit: I assume “using it” included connecting to the network, downloading whatever last minute firmware update Sony released and are playing a PS4 game.

Unseal the box. If it’s a PS4, then you’ve found an honest man.

They’re rare, but do exist!

In a year or two, if the PS4 overheats or dies, you know you’ve been scammed. :wink:

…yeah, but getting scammed by Sony is a given.

I agree that something still feels off there. Surely they are selling for well above retail on craigslist right now. I have trouble imaging someone who buys an extra, then stands around outside the store trying to peddle one for cost and is even willing to wait while the buyer goes to get money.

Is there something else you should have gotten with it? Was it a bundle, and you didn’t get the extra controller+game, or a points cards or something? I feel like the seller had to have come out ahead somehow, as even honest people have no real reason to do this. So much easier to just go return it.

Maybe he bought it with a stolen credit card.

Oh, I think we might have a winner here.

Yep, the only possible “scam” I can think of is that you were unknowingly his fence: He stole the CC, bought the PS4, and turned the purchase into cash by selling it to you.

On the other hand, it’s not really a scam. You paid cash for goods, and received said goods. I’m not sure how legally culpable you would if if it did turn out to originally have been purchased with a stolen credit card. My guess is not at all, but I’m no lawyer.

ding ding ding ding!

Or a bad check.

I had pre-ordered one of my two from Best Buy back in June and paid for it then in full. Had I decided I didn’t want it, I would likely have done the same thing as him. I guess I could have just gone back the next day and returned it, but this way I’d have found someone interested (that looked honest) and just dealt with it that way. The reason I’d pick it up at midnight is that that is the most likely time to find people looking for one and unable to grab one.

It could have been a stolen credit card, but knowing how far in advance you needed to pay for it (in my case, mid June), I think that would have surfaced by now. You didn’t mention that you saw him pay for it inside.

It seems like it would be easier to return it than deal with exchanging phone numbers and waiting for you to go to the ATM. Maybe it was stolen.

One problem you may have is that you don’t have the receipt for it. That may affect your ability to get warranty repairs.

The OP said he was given a receipt for it. He said it was “from his own purchase of the console” but a PS4 receipt is a PS4 receipt assuming they came form the same store.

Legally culpable or not, if it’s treated as stolen, he will have to return it.

But I do think it’s more likely that it will just be eaten as a loss by the store.

On the other hand, have any of you tried to give something away for legit honest free and had people look at you like you took a shit on their dining room table? Nonrefundable things like tickets for people who didn’t show? Because I have and it’s weird. I’ve tried to give away spares to a Monticello tour once and I think concert tickets? and NOBODY would take them. And I’m a middle class white woman!

So when somebody tried to give us a free movie ticket last Christmas we took it with kind thanks.

There’s a known scam where you get free movie/concert/sporting event tickets, and while you’re at the event, a crew brings a truck to your house and cleans you out. Nothing left but hooks and some wire.

And they even steal the roast beast.

Known by whom?

The Better Business Bureau.

That seems bizarre. What if I leave the kid at home with a sitter? Now the wannabe burglars are out a limo, concert tickets and dinner?