Did I Miss the September Surprise

President Hoover, I mean Bush, claimed that there would be some sort of massive announcement regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that this announcement would be in September. So did I miss it or was the big deal the simple confirmation that there were no such weapons?

I don’t get the Hoover=GWB comparison.

Yeah, the surprise was, we have not found anything yet, and that it does not matter, the war was still justified. At least that is what Bush is saying.

Please, if anyone has anymore info, fess up. I would like to hear something.

A link to the CIA site:

Hope this helps

Cite for Bush claiming there would be a September surprise? I’ve seen such speculation in the conservative press, but I don’t recall the White House saying any such thing.

Of course he wouldn’t say it, or it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? And if it didn’t happen, he has completely plausible deniability. Nor would a deliberate delay in reporting results, even if they existed, it have the cumulative effect that the Washington Times article said it would.

No, if an administration, or free-lancing individual official, wants that kind of “information” to reach the public without official fingerprints, he’ll use one or more of the many available back-channels - such as leaks to friendly media outlets and commentators.


In other words, cites for negative opinions about Bush are unnecessary? How about at least offering up a cite for the leak thesis?

It’s a hypothesis, John. My own.

I don’t know if the story (about the administration’s spin control re a September surprise) is true or not; I’m just speculating on how it could have come down if it were. There inherently can be no cite unless the WashTimes offers to explain why they printed that story, obviously. But they certainly won’t.