Did imdb.com change its rules for its Bottom 100 contenders?

Am I wrong, or did it go from needing only fifty votes for consideration to 500 votes now?

The ones listed now are all well-known movies. What about the obscure pieces of crap? Movies like ROBOT NINJA, U.S. SEALS, R.O.T.O.R., NAIL GUN MASSACRE. I saw some really cheesy stuff on that list when they were far less selective.

Well, if you go to the bottom 100 page (here) it says right at the top: Note: Each title has received 625 or more votes.

So all the obscure pieces of crap have been bumped out of the list to be replaced by better-known even crappier pieces of crap. Like Gigli :wink: .

One problem with this list is that any time a movie appears on Mystery Science Theater 3000, it gets a lot of votes from people who haven’t actually watched the film itself. I’m not saying they’re not bad movies, but I think it’s unfair that the bulk of the rating comes from people who haven’t seen it. Whether this fact had something to do with their changing it from 50 votes minimum or not, there are a lot fewer MST3K movies on the list than there once were, which I think is good. You still see a couple, like Space Mutiny (#4). Take a look at the user comments and see how many people mention MST3K.