Did individual divisions of the Roman army have insignia or mottos?

The cool patches (all the more necessary, I would think, for illiterate soldiers). Since they already knew Latin, mottos could be readily chosen. (That sentence was jokey, but I’m serious about the motto question.

I say “divisions” not in any military specific way. I just don’t know the structure similar to divisions, battalions, units, etc.

You’ve surely heard the term “Roman legions”?

The Wikipedia page on Roman legions lists their emblems by name, and has an example or two. No doubt googling a phrase such as “roman legion insignias” will help you further.

Look up the Notitia Dignitatum, a 4th-century book which is crammed full of them.

Thanks. Interesting.

Wow, the Roman Army had a group that used the Yin Yang 700 years before it’s use in Taoism and apparently they also have radioactive soldiers! (bottom row this page):