Did Jesus die a Christian?

Jesus undoubtedly is the most famous Jew in history, yet he is the inspiration of the religion of Christianity. With the fundamental beliefs of death being different with Judaism and Christianity; would it matter if Jesus died a Christian or a Jew? Also; did Jesus die a Christian or a Jew?

He lived a jewish lifestyle, but arguably he wasn’t spiritually a Jew because he believed in the ‘new covenant’ he preached, which superseded the old covenant of Moses.

Asking if he’s a Christian is nonsensical - a Christian is a spiritual follower of Jesus Christ. He couldn’t follow himself. He is at the center of the Christian faith, but not exactly a member of it.

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Since the fundamental definition of a Christian is “believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ”, I think he pretty much had to die a Christian.

Yes, but one would argue he died believing core Christian ideals, so perhaps he was the first to adhere to core of what is now retroactively defined as being “Christian”.

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Did Zoro die a Zoroastrian?

Did Athe die an Atheist?

These and other important nonsensical questions…

This further begs the question of how the “King of the Jews”, would not die a jew?

After Jesus had been born in Beth′le‧hem of Ju‧de′a in the days of Herod the king, look! astrologers from eastern parts came to Jerusalem, 2 saying: “Where is the one born king of the Jews
Matthew 2:1,2

Jesus now stood before the governor; and the governor put the question to him: “Are you the king of the Jews?” Jesus replied: “You yourself say [it].”
Matthew 27:11

I guess because the term Christian was applied later. For a long time the followers of the teachings of Jesus were still Jews, just a separate sect.

Jew. Christianity came later, and could easily have just been a type of Judaism. But since most Jews weren’t interested, the proto-Christians decided to focus on converting Gentiles to a new religion.

Well, not completely nonsensical. The Prophet Muhammed was certainly a Muslim, and Gautama Buddha was almost certainly a Buddhist.

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The term christian was first used in association with Paul which was after Jesus death and resurrection, He died King of the Jews.

He died a Jew, but resurrected a Christian!

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On the other hand, another definition of Christian is one who believes that no one can get to heaven save through the sacrifice of Christ. But Jesus could have opted out at any time – he is God, at least as many claim – and gotten to heaven without his sacrifice.

He had a “get out of hell free” card that none of the rest of us had.

Also: most Christians believe in “original sin,” and that they are unfit to be received into heaven, unless cleansed by the sacrifice. But Jesus was (many believe) free from sin, and had no Adamic evil in his nature. So, again, he breaks the rules that all other Christians are bound by.

Put it this way: Centuries of artistic portrayals to the contrary, when Jesus prayed, he wouldn’t have done the hands-clasping thing, he would’ve done the head-bobbing thing.

Who can tell if Jesus accepted himself as his personal savior? That’s the way it is with most of faith. You can’t really know. You either believe it or you don’t.

I can’t believe I never pictured Jesus wearing a yarmulke before.

I’d say he died a devout Jew who had he returned a thousand years later and preached the same message would have found himself condemned for heresy by the Christian Church and burned at the stake, if only for the fact that he would have considered the notion of the Trinity as blasphemous as it was ludicrous. There is trace evidence in the gospels that his message was only for Jews and that he had no interest in Gentiles at all. Paul, of course, changed all that.

Of one thing I think we can be certain. The thousands upon thousands of his people that would be persecuted and killed in his name over the coming centuries would have saddened and angered him beyond measure. Christians should count themselves fortunate that the guy doesn’t have divine powers because the chances are he would have the whole bunch of them burning in hellfire by now!

In his own mind (if he actually thought so). Few, if any, Jews would have accepted that. I can declare myself “King of the World”, but that doesn’t make it true.

I’m going to say both. Almost all of the earliest Christians were Jews, including Jesus, his disciples, and Paul.

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