Would Jesus be Christian?

If I’m not mistaken, in the Book of Revelation it says that Jesus comes back right before and/or during the End Times. Right?

Jesus was Jewish, according to the Bible, right? But he was also directly responsible for Christianity, a religion that worships him, right?

So, if/when Jesus comes back, will he be Jewish or Christian? Or something else?

I’d say he was indirectly responsible for Christianity rather than directly. Christianity was far more the creation of Paul.

And it’s also my opinion that Jesus, if he came back, would be a devout Jew and would be horrified to hear of the evils wrought on the Jewish people in his name over the centuries. I don’t think he’d want anything to do with Christians.

Since there is likely to be a variety of opinions on this, the question is better suited for GD than GQ.

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Christians will of course say yes. Mormons would probably say that he would be Mormon. Muslims would tell you that he would be a Muslim.

Personally, I would vote that you’d do as well to argue how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Christians believe that Jesus is the son of god, died on the cross, rose from the dead, etc. If Jesus is real and did all those things, he wouldn’t have to believe it, he would know it. There would be no reason for him to be Christian.

An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in god. Does god believe in god?

I imagine we’ll find out if He ever tries to join the Boy Scouts.
Anyway, if Jesus (aka Joshua bar-Joseph) retains the attitudes of his times, I expect he might most closely identify (and probably not that much) with observant Sephardic Jews. The black uniform-like traditional dress of the Ashkenazim ultra-orthodox would probably mystify him.

You propose that God is an inverse solipsist? I think therefore everything else is, yet I am not?

Jesus taught loving commitment to God and radical caring for one’s fellow man. There is much more to His teaching than that, but it stands as a good first-cut summary. Jesus would not “be a Christian” in the modern doctrinal/pietistic sense any more than Henry VIII would be “a good subject of the Crown” in his day. But the behavior He exhibited should be exemplary for those who follow Him; in that sense, He is the ideal Christian.

There is a truly terrible joke relative to this: The Pope’s secretary comes running into the Pope’s office, all excited. “Holy Father, I have good news and bad news!”

“Calm down, monsignor; what’s the good news?”

“Our Lord Jesus Christ has come back at last! That was Him on the phone just now.”

“Ah, that IS good news? But what is the bad news?”

“He was calling from Salt Lake City.” :smiley:

Since Jesus is the Christ, and the -ian suffix means ‘like’, I would definitely say that he is, and would be Christ-like, inasmuch as something is like itself.

Woke up this mornin’, turned on the t.v. set.
there in livin’ color, was somethin’ I can’t forget.
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He wore designer clothes, and a big smile on his face
tellin’ me salvation while they sang Amazin’ Grace.
Askin’ me for money, when he had all the signs of wealth.
I almost wrote a check out, yeah, then I asked myself


Would He wear a pinky ring, would He drive a fancy car?
Would His wife wear furs and diamonds, would His dressin’ room have a star?
If He came back tomorrow, well there’s somethin’ I’d like to know
Could ya tell me, Would Jesus wear a Rolex on His television show.

Would Jesus be political if He came back to earth?
Have His second home in Palm Springs, yeah, a try to hide His worth?
Take money, from those poor folks, when He comes back again,
and admit He’s talked to all them preachers who say they been a talkin’ to Him?

They are supernatural beings, without substance in our world, so I am confident in saying that ALL angels could dance on the head of a pin. And some many hundred years ago I’d’ve made the same pronouncement, gone back to my wine, and snorted with derision at any hypotheses that differed. There’s a lot of power behind the snorts of derision from an older fat guy who is in his cups. Usually enough to shut up the seminarians while you get your drunk on.

ETA: Jesus would be appalled. First and foremost, He was a Jew. Second, he was into living a life of poverty, something one rarely sees in modern Jews and Christians.

But he wouldn’t even need to think or believe that, he would know it, having created all of it. Do you need to have faith that you exist, or do you know it?

Depends on how you define “faith” and “know”, don’nit? I don’t have “faith” that I exist, but I also don’t “know” it, by my definitions of the terms.

Did Jesus teach he was God’s Unique Son/Word and if not fully Divine, at least the nearest being to God; did he teach he would die for humanity’s sins and rise to make eternal life available to us; and finally, did he teach that entrusting oneself to him would grant one eternal life? I believe he did indeed teach all this, as recorded in the Gospels, and thus did adhere to the essential distinctions of the Christian faith. He’d be pleased with some modern-day aspects of it, outraged at others, and YMMV on how he would react to what aspect.

Thomas Aquinas was of the opposite opinion - that while they are incorporeal/spiritual beings, several angels cannot occupy the same point in space at the same time. So, one angel per pinhead, tops.

As for me, I say : nonsense. The answer is 67.

You don’t have faith in your existence the way a Christian has faith in god’s existence because you don’t have to. You have lots of evidence for your existence, so your faith in your existence is a type of faith, it’s not religious faith.

I would argue that religious faith in the existence of god is part of being Christian. Since Jesus would not have this type of faith in his own existence, he wouldn’t be a Christian.

christianity is simply about having access and a relationship with God by accepting jesus as your Lord and Saviour. accepting his death and resurrection is the only way to God’s salvation.

And I might argue that all it takes to be Christian would be to believe in Christ, in which case Christ is a shoo-in.

Definitions. They’re pesky things, but without a clear and agreed-upon one you’ll never get anywhere.
That said, if Christ did come rolling into town, he would himself probably declare himself subservient to God, and the “religion” he espoused would probably be whatever God was pushing - which would probably more closely resemble old-testament business as usual than anything modern Christianity has to offer.

If Jesus came back, that would mean Revelations was correct. That’s a purely Christian concept, as such he would have to be Christian. Jews believe Jesus was just some guy, Muslims thought he was a prophet, but not the son of god. The other non-Abrahamic religions don’t consider Jesus at all.

If Jesus is the son of god, the only religion he could possibly have would be Christianity. Any other religion and he wouldn’t accept his own heritage or second coming. Which is rather difficult, if he’s lived through it.

Dude. Don’t make an ass out of yourself.

The answer is, has been and always will be 42.