Did Jim Morrison FAKE His Own Death?

The “NATIONAL ENQUIRER” has run several crdible stories about people meeting Jim Morrison , years after his supposed death. One account has him living in London, where he was seen in 1992! As far as i know, Morrison died of a drug overdose in Paris, and was buried in Pere LaChaise Cemetary…his grave site has become a point for pilgrims of the R&R generation. Anyhow, his death was pretty mysterious…his parents never viewed the body, and the funeral was a rushed affair.
Anybody know why Morrison (at the height of his fame) would want to drop out and dissappear?
What would he look like today? :confused:

He was tired of being a rock star. He wanted to disappear and be a poet. The legend says that he wanted to disappear into Africa like Rimbaud did, and if he were to attempt communication with anyone he would address himself as “Mr. Mojo Risin’”, an anagram of Jim Morrison. Did he fake his death? I wish, but I really, really, doubt it.

I can go into all kinds of detail about this if you like. :slight_smile:

Using the proper noun “National Enquirer” and the adjective “credible” all in the same sentence, let alone same thought is a new one on me.

How is the story credible?

It is true that no one ever saw a body. The only real evidence that he was dead came from the word of his common law wife (now deceased) and from a death certificate signed by some mysterious doctor who no one ever spoke to.

Of all the “_____ is still alive” rumors, Jim Morrison is the only one that at least has a chance of being true, especially since he apparently told others he might fake his own death.

On the flip side, I think it would be extremely difficult for a person as recognizable as Morrison to escape detection for over thirty years. Moreover, the guy had some serious health problems. He was definitely a hardcore alcoholic, a drug user, a smoker, overweight and out of shape. I think it would have taken some radical lifestyle changes in order for him to have survived this long.

I always like to say that if Jim Morrison were still alive today, he’d be dead.

Francisco Franco & Jim Morrison aren’t dead, they’re just seeing which one can hold their breath the longest :wink:

I visted the spot where he is supposedly buried when I was in Paris in April. You can’t get really close to the actual site and there is a guard at a discreet distance. The painted bust and graffiti are gone, but long stemmed roses had been tossed on his grave. There were others there the entire time that I was there. I guess it is like that most of the time.

It would not be unlike Jim Morrison to opt out and it would have been easier to disappear in Europe.

People are strange. Morrison was stranger.

The new afterward for *No One Here Gets Out Alive* pretty much lays the whole “Jim Morrison’s Alive!” to rest. It turns out that Pamela did tell folks what happened on the night Jim died, but they kept silent about it, until after the movie came out. It’s been a number of years since I read it, but as best I can recall what happened is that Jim decided to try some smack with heroin with Pamela. She prepped the shot, and gave it to him. Jim had a bad reaction to it, started throwing up, eventually he felt better, and decided to take a bath. Pamela fell asleep while he was in the tub, when she awoke, she thought it was odd that he hadn’t come to bed, she went into the bathroom and found him dead.

IAC, it should be possible to track down the various medical records which would have had to have been generated when Morrison was buried, and those would reveal the identity of any medical professionals who examined him. If they’re still alive, one could question them about the case, or talk to collegues of theirs who might know something if the original examiners are all dead.

It was when I was there in '96. I took some flowers from Claude Monet’s garden and brought them to Morrison’s grave. I had to ask permission of the guard (who was stationed in front of the grave when I was there) to place them. A guy nearby had brought a bottle of whiskey which he wanted to leave. I didn’t see if they let him or not.

What upset me the most was the defacement and graffitti all over Pere LaChaise. On tombstones and mausoleums all over the cemetary, you see “Jim” with an arrow pointing in the direction of his grave. A friend of mine chewed out a boy we caught scratching graffiti on one of the tombs as we walked out of the cemetary.

I always thought he bore a resemblance to Chevy Chase, so maybe that’s who he’d look like today.

Come to think of it, I never heard of Chevy Chase until long after Morrison’s ‘death’… :wink:

Biggest problem I have with the above is this. For Morrison to fake his death, he’d have needed to bribe various medical people and such to pull it off. Not necessarily trivial, and there would be the possibility that one would reveal the conspiracy. Why wouldn’t Morrison instead just announce publicly “I’m sick of being a rock star, and I’m retiring.” And after doing that, move discretely to some rural area and get servants to get him food, etc. Likely after a few years he’d fade pretty much into obscurity. At that point, he likely could adopt an assumed name, change his appearance as much as possible, go out in public and probably nobody would recognize him. And if someone did, just hastily move. By faking his death, he’d make things a lot worse if others did spot him. Then, the story would be BIG news. As opposed to the spotting of some retired rock star who was largely forgotten.

The best answer I’ve ever heard to this question came from John Densmore, who said years ago, “Jim’s definitely dead. If he were alive, he’d have called me to ask for money a hundred times by now.”

Yeah, but apart from all that, he coulda done it, couldn’t he? Especially with the help of that Glen Miller dude?

A book called The Last Days of Jim Morrison has just come out. The most relevant chunk is online at RollingStone.com. But what Tuckerfan says is pretty close- the only difference being that he didn’t feel better. Pamela put him in the bath, then he started throwing up. Eventually she left and went to bed for about an hour. He died before she woke up.

I thought herion was smack.

Brain fart while typing.

I have a funny story. Hope this isn’t too much of a hijack. A couple of years ago I was at a bar in Sarasota, Florida, and I saw someone who looked a LOT (A LOT!) like Jim Morrison. He was older, and he had a big beard (like Jim had later in his life). He had a big beer belly (as I would expect Jim to have), and he was wearing those pilot glasses, and big cowboy hat. If I hadn’t been really into The Doors, he would’ve looked like a regular skanky alcoholic bar dude. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how much he reminded me of Jim. So, being the big dork that I am, I approached him and told him what I thought. He proceeded to show me a hospital armband he was wearing, and the name listed on it was “James Douglas Morrison” and his birthday, “12/8/1943!” He took off his glasses and made me look at his eyes (yeah, a little creepy, but I was intrigued… and a little drunk), and he REALLY looked like Jim!! Apparently he was homeless because he also showed me a police report with “his” name on it, that he had recieved for doing something… loitering or something like that… whatever it is homeless people do!

Well, anyway - it was interesting. But I don’t think it was Jim. I don’t think JIM would actually be going around telling everyone who he was. And I think this guy might’ve been a bit too young (and perhaps too healthy) to be Jim.

So Rush Limbaugh’s addiction is bogus? Sometimes a hack writer can strike gold.

…used that facila modelling software to see what Morrison (if alive and well ) would look like today? Forme, he will always be the lithe, extremely handsome young rebel on the cover of his first album.
Jim Morrison as a 62-year old drunk, I don’tknow!

Jim Morrison IS dead.
The movie said he was.

If you can’t trust an Oliver Stone movie, what can you trust?

The creepiest part of that Rolling Stone article was the part where Pamela slept beside his corpse for two nights. They kept packing it with dry ice to stave off decomposition. shudder