Did June Whitfield ("Mother" in AbFab) ever play Miss Marple?

Maybe in an audio book series? I keep seeing comments on YouTube about various audio book versions of Miss Marple (short stories and full length novels) on the order of “Oh, disappointed, I was hoping this would be June Whitfield.” I keep asking these commenters when she played the character (or when she read the stories) but I haven’t had an answer. There’s nothing on her IMDB page that I can find about it, but then I don’t think they document audio books. She was IN a Miss Marple TV broadcast, but not as Marple.

Has anyone here ever run across June Whitfield in the context of Miss Marple?

FWIW, I think she could have made a great Miss Marple – fluffy, seeming a little dotty but able to also appear sharp as a tack. I found Joan Hickson too vinegary, Geraldine McEwan too twinkly, and Jula McKenzie a complete character non-entity.

From the summary section of her Wikipedia article:

From 1993 to 2001, Whitfield played Miss Marple in the radio dramatisation of all twelve of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple novels on BBC Radio 4.[2]
June Whitfield - Wikipedia

Asked and answered. It’s embarrassing, I thought I had read everything in that listing from beginning to end. Anyway, thank you.