Did Maggie Simpson Shoot Mr. Burns on Purpose?

So I was watching The Simpsons tonight, like I do every night. Tonight was “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” (Spoiler here for those who haven’t seen it. Though if you HAVEN’T seen it, you deserve to have it spoiled! ;))

Now, we all know Maggie Simpson shot Mr. Burns, when his gun fell out of the holster, and she grabbed it and shot him. We also know that Maggie witnessed a lot of horrible things happening to her family members because of Mr. Burns’ selfishness. At the end, Marge says it was an accident and she didn’t mean it…but then we see this spooky close up on Maggie.

It sure did LOOK like an accident. Maggie couldn’t have known Mr. Burns had a gun on him. It wasn’t as though she planned to kill him, and she is just a baby, albeit a smart one. My question is: WAS it an accident?

Did Margaret Simpson wound C. Montgomery Burns with malicious intent? That is up to the dopers to debate.

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Maggie DIDN’T shoot Burns. If you watch, you’ll see that she doesn’t put a finger on the trigger (one hand is on the barrel, and one is on the trigger guard… wrong angle for her to pull the trigger). And the gun goes off the instant it falls into her hands.

Apparently, Burns’ gun was so unstable that it’d go off if it was struck hard enough anywhere on the chassis by any object.

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Whoa. So really, NO ONE shot Mr. Burns?

After all. Can Matt Groening really expect us to believe than an infant could be capable of…attempted murder?

Yes, it was an accident. Or was it? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Of course she did. And she gets off scott free.Yea!
That’s the root of all evil, stealing candy from babies.

Uh…Smiley face.

Are you sure she did it on purpose? I mean, is she THAT protective over her candy?

So we have:
She didn’t do it at all! 1
She did but it was justified: 1
She didn’t…or DID SHE?! 1

Will the world ever know?

If you factor in that in other episodes:

  1. She has masterminded the overthrow of a daycare
  2. She has been suspected of apparent attempted patricide as a result of her tv cartoon watching
    then you may conclude that she’s capable of sophisticated antisocial behaviour.

How COULD she have done it? Her finger wasn’t on the trigger.


Remember, her father is an alien.
(OK that was the Halloween ep whiich lacks continuity, but bear with me…)

Or perhaps…Maggie’s patriarchy shouldn’t come into questioning. Perhaps she’s just a poltergeist, who can control things after enough concentration. (A la Mathilda.)

There are plenty of supernatural explanations, Bo. Just because she didn’t touch, doesn’t mean she didn’t do. It. :o

I am so happy to find a thread on The Simpsons. I don’t have a personal opinion on the shooting of Mr. Burns. I think that we are not really ment to know. Well I love the Simpsons (I believe I have every episode on tape), so if anyone wants to grill me on some Simpsons Trivia, I’m game. E-mail me.