Did Marley ban Canadians from the SDMB this morning?

For about an hour this morning, I couldn’t access the boards or the SD Main page on my computer (tried safari and Firefox) - kept getting “server not found” message.

Couldn’t access it on iPhone either (Tapatalk).

But, Elendi’s Heir tells me he didn’t have any trouble.

It’s that darned Marley - only this time, he’s banning Canucks!

Nah, it’s just the April Fool’s Day prank for the year.

What? Canada doesn’t have Thanksgiving the same day as we do; there’s no reason we should assume they do April Fool’s Day the same…

Happened to me too. I’m on Long Island.

Me, too, on Long Island.

I ran out of maple syrup this morning and lost my temper. But if you’re objective about it, Northern Piper, I think you have to admit Canada had it coming.

Seriously: posters around the U.S. and Canada and overseas had trouble accessing the board earlier today. We’re looking into it and we’re not sure why it happened, but there’s no connection to any bans.

I had a problem in the UK, trying to access on my phone. I doubt the fact that it was on my phone mattered, as I was using my home wifi, but it’s there if the information matters.

It’s about time.

Blame Canada!

oh, sure, that’s what he’d say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Both of you shush. You’re lucky we don’t just set you adrift. If it weren’t for the Hamptons . . . :wink:

I’m a LI transplant… 'nuff said. :slight_smile:

they’re all a bunch of uncle fuckers

There seems to have been some problem with the DNS. While I was using the automatic DNS my ISP gave me, I also couldn’t connect to the SD. Everything was OK when I switched to the Google public DNS.

With beady little eyes, and flapping little heads.

And they’re not a real country, anyway.

I’m from Buffalo originally. It’s been nearly two years since I moved here. I’m still not used to the lack of Tim Horton’s and kimmelweck.

You keep talking like that, and we’ll send our hockey goons down there to deal with you.

And if we get angry, we’ll follow up with the snow snakes. They’re just going into hibernation now, and they’d be pissed to be woken up for a mission.

I approve the banning of Canadians. It’s not even a real country.

Even better - we’ll send our lacrosse goons! They’re used to fighting on solid ground!

No way! Me too! Never in a million did I think a nice Buffalonian like me would end up on, gasp, Long Island.

It doesn’t matter what you throw at us. You know we’re just going to deep-fry it and eat it.