Did Mick Jagger Ruin Marianne Faithfull?

And if he did, was he sorry afterward?

And if he did, did she forgive him?

I suspect he loved her, turned her on, and left her. And even though I like the Stones I hope this wil follow him to his grave and beyond.

Today, I listened to her As Tears Go by and then I listened to Love Is Teasin’ off The Chieftains CD Long Black Veil, and I was so moved!

I want to take her in my arms and just hold her, and let her know she’s loved.

I think she forgave him, but Godammit, at what a cost?

Your thoughts?


How do you mean, “ruin”?

I think he ruined her in the same sense that Kurt Cobain ruined Courtney Love.

In other words, she went from being screwed up to being screwed up and famous.

Not buying either of your answers, sorry.

And by that I do not mean a flame or a “cut”. It just means I need for you to think a bit more about the OP and it’s history. I did not post it arbitrarily, and I really would like an answer of some kind.

Sublight: Famous?


Well, famous enough that I’ve heard of her.

Miller’s answer was not an answer but a question. And the first one I thought of when I read the OP. Marianne Faithful did not stay an innocent young girl all her life. She’s had a lot of problems. She still makes music.

How is she ruined and how is in Mick Jaggers fault?

And who would remember who she was, without the Mick Jagger interlude?

I’m with Miller. What do you mean by the OP?

Nonsense. All of her albums since the '70’s when she left Jagger, have been critically acclaimed and commercially successful. She still tours regularly.

Last week I bought a secondhand copy of Faithfull, her autobiography but have only flicked through it. I gather from the bits I read about her time with Jagger that he had in fact been very patient with her and took the bust for her at Redlands. She was after all a herion addict who after leaving Jagger ended up for some time living on the streets in Soho. I will read more to confirm it, but I got the impression that she didn’t hold Jagger to blame for her failings at all.

Okay, thanks. Looks like I misread some stuff and things didn’t happen as I imagined. My sympathy meter just topped out when I thought about her, I guess.

Sorry if I came across a little gruff in my response, Miller and Sublight. Please forgive me.


No sweat. Just keep that Mars bar where I can see it. :wink:



Sorry mods, but the comment and the link that Sublight gave me just sent me into paroxysms of laughter!

Thank you, Sublight!

chuckling still


Check out Andrew Loog Oldman’s STONED for some insight into the era of Swinging London and it’s denizens.

Checking Faithfull confirms what I wrote. She comments many times on how terribly she treated Mick and how well he treated her. She says of the Australian press’ attitude to her “suicide” attempt, “Their attitude reflected the almost pornographic image of me in the popular imagination. Angelic innocent ravaged by corrupt degenerate satyr. Although by 1969 I had exchanged the maudlin pop-angel figurine for a sort of doomed Lizzie Siddal-like creature, the Australians hadn’t quite caught up with me yet.” On leaving Jagger she says, “For Mick the awful thing was that I wasn’t leaving for any reason he could see…I wanted to be a junkie more than I wanted to be with him. That was my idea of glamour.”