UK/Irish Dopers: Catch Mick Jagger's documentary/home-movie thing last night?

I enjoyed it – a bit kind to the old boy, too much ‘life-style over content’ but nonetheless a very enjoyable glimpse into him and the world he’s built around himself.

I hadn’t realised just how little I really knew about Mick the man until seeing that. Still shag anything with a pulse and I liked his sense of humour – nice piss-take mimicry of the Germans and Prince Charles, for example. A shrewdie is Mick but also with a kind of ‘man-of-the-people’ thing and, to my mind, absolutely dead-centre middle-class sensibilities and tastes. I suppose it’s not surprising that he came across as being quintessentially ‘English’.

I thought the studio stuff was also good – Jesus, I thought Pete Townsend stole the whole thing in about 15 seconds flat with that guitar chomping. The Stones were, well…the Stones (good to see Keef’s still barking mad), the stuff around Kravitz’s house was pretty cool although Elton’s garden party was a little naff.

I think one of my lasting impressions was how badly he wants to f**k Kate Winslett. One can hardly blame him for that.

Expect I’m talking to myself here – anyone else see it ?

No I didn’t see it :wink:

I was having a highbrow Leeds/Grasshoppers and Hot Shots Part Deux evening courtesy of Channel Five, sorry.

Interesting to read the news stories about Jagger’s solo flop, though. Apparently his non-stop media whoring fell on deaf ears in the face of the album’s sheer awfulness. It was nice to read his protests that being interviewed for Saga (the pensioners’ magazine) was ‘a mistake’.

Me neither.

Oh great, three immediate responses: No, no and no. Philistines !!

Matt – I’d forgotten the pensioner mag thing. Excellent :smiley:

Ahh, here we go!

You know, I was looking forward to it all week, went to play a gig last night and forgot about the timer altogether.

Pour me a bovril, Jerry!! mmmm… that tastes good!!

Saw some of it. He seemed a nicer bloke than I’d imagined.

I spent most of the time thinking about “Stella Street”.

Do be aware that MJ was the producer or exec producer of the entire thing, and therefore approved all content. Hence, not really a documentary so much as a self-serving advertisement. I saw part of it, and it seemed rather craven. At what point did some TV executive decide that yeah, MJ gets to have an hour long promo for his new album? And why?

I think it is very easy to over-state MJ’s importance today, BUT the Jagger/Richards songwriting team was one of the finest that rock music has ever produced and for that alone I’d give him maximum respect.

I happen to hate rap music (not spoiling for a fight here, just my personal taste or lack of it), and I thought the funniest thing in the show last night was the sight of some famous rapper or other uttering nonsense syllables over a backing track announcing his intention to ‘rap’ over it, presumably intended as a positive contribution. What a pathetically limited ‘talent’, and what a glaring example of “the Emperor’s New clothes”.

Honestly LC, what do you think I was watching Thursday night? :wink:

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