Did Mitt Romney get a big bailout from Tarp?

I heard that the reason that Mitt will not release his tax forms is that he got a big bailout (~100 Mil) from the TARP program and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Is there any chance this is true?

No, his tax returns hold the secret to where Elvis has been hiding out since he faked his death. I thought everyone knew that!

No, there’s no chance whatsoever. Is this a joke?

They didn’t bail out people (else my house would be worth twice as much).

But corporations ARE people!

Romney’s not a corporation. I guess it’s an open question whether he qualifies as a natural person.


That’s probably the silliest part of this theory, but the competition is tough. We TARP money wasn’t paid directly to people, it went to companies that were being hit by the mortgage crisis. And we know which companies got bailout money because that was disclosed to the public. I don’t know if Bain Capital held any assets related to subprime mortgages, but I’m guessing not, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t get any TARP funding. And even if it had, Romney retired from the company a decade ago.

The silliest part of the theory is that someone could hide receipt of TARP funds. Here is the list of recipients, which is publicly available.

Thanks, SpoilerVirgin, that is helpful data.

So it looks like he didn’t get TARP money, but I think somebody should investigate whether Bain did get a bailout from other sources. I’m not making an accusation, mark you, but we should investigate and dispell these rumors so they don’t distract the voters during this important time. Maybe we could put together a posse…

What other bailout sources are there?

Not “looks like,” didn’t. There’s also no evidence Bain Capital got any money because that’s not the business they’re in, and Romney left the company in 2002. It looks like you’re trying to parody Birthers and you’re succeeding too well.

Did you happen to hear that from Harry Reid?

OK, I agree that there is ZERO evidence that Romney got TARP money, but there is still a question on where all the AIG bailout money went.

Mitt Romney knows all the people involved in the Bailout: James Gorman, Paulson, David Viniar, Blankfein, etc… and there could be evidence that he was involved in structuring the bailout so Bain profited. Again, I am not making an allegation that he was involved in this part of the financial meltdown and those weapons of mass financial destruction known as credit default swaps, but we should investigate to be sure. I can’t believe the lamestream media is giving Mitt a pass on this.

No, what did Harry Reid say?

Who do you want to investigate this? The media can investigate whatever they want, but official investigations need some sort of evidence or at least probable cause to proceed, and there’s nothing here that comes even close to that.

The nice thing about being a registered independent is I don’t have to be embarrassed by this. I can focus on being aggravated and depressed, which makes life much easier. If it’s not obvious, Telemark, the OP does not believe a word of what he’s typing. He’s posting like a Birther and thinks this qualifies as a parody rather than a descent to their level.

Yeah, but people aren’t corporations, so there!

Am I the only one here hearing a big wooshing sound in this thread

Compare to Obama’s Birth certificate

Compare to Bill Ayers.

Identity is a commutative property. Sheesh, don’t they teach formal logic anymore?