Did Nebuchadnezzar write poetry? Where is this from

From Will Durant’s “Story of Civilization”, Volume one, our Oriental Heritage, there are quotes from Babylonian poetry, One is “Nebuchadnezzar Addressing Bel-Marduk”

I couldn’t find any sources (and don’t have the book available to me). Where is the poem from? Is there a reliable book of Babylonia poetry?

There are plenty of books and journals with translated cuneiform texts. I suspect this is from one of them (and I suspect that Nebuchadnezzar didn’t write it or compose it himself. It’s probably not even from his time). If Durant doesn’t give the reference, you’ll just have to look for it.

Unfortunately, most of these books didn’t have big printings, and are often quite old. If there isn’t a major university or old city library near you, you might have a hard time locating it. One book that’s in a lot of libraries is Ancient Near East Texts Relating to the Old Testament.

Google Books identifies the poem as appearing in James Baikie’s The Ancient East and its Story from 1929, but doesn’t give me enough to see where it got the translation from:


Durant’s book came out in 1942, so he either got it from Baikie, or they both got it from the same source.

Edited to add:

The Cambridge Ancient History, also from 1929, has the same quote:


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Hey, I just found several of those old books are now online! Search to your heart’s content!

Here’s one: