Did Obama snub Gordon Brown?

If I really wanted to insult him I would have given him YOU.

That’s not necessarily the case. When a PM is so going down fighting in such a spectacular fashion, there’s plenty of civil servants happy to look ahead to their potential under the next stewardship, and making pals among the right-wing journalists is a good start.

I am, however, giggling at Maeglin’s link, because of the absurdity of being presented with a Daily Mail quote dressed up as a Torygraph article.

I don’t think he blamed America as such, he just said it started there. Which is just a statement of fact surely? with the sub-primes etc?

I’m flattered. Honest!

Correct. Brown did not cause the crisis but like with the rest of the world he swallowed the whole ‘light regulation’ shit hook, line and sinker for fear of killing the Golden City Goose. And what regulations he did enact were fought tooth and nail by the same Tories and the same newspapers now blaming him for not regulating enough.

Scum, the lot of 'em.

The prime minister of Turkmenistan got an Ipod Touch.

No wonder Gordon is pissed.

I take Obama at his word that he values the special relationship between the U.S. and Great Britain, but a DVD collection is a pretty cheapass gift under the circumstances. When coupled with Obama’s return of the Churchill bust lent to his predecessor, I’m afraid he may be getting off on the wrong foot with Brown, but what the hell? U.S.-British relations have hit far worse bumps than this. Tempest in a teapot, really.

The Churchill bust is a canard. Tony Blair lent the goddamned statue to Bush after 9/11 for the length of his administration. It was returned before Obama ever actually took office.

Can you imagine how irritated the English might have been had we never returned it? “Putin keeps ring, Obama keeps bust.”

And Brown will be gone in 12 months and Labour will be gone for 10 years after that so tempest and teapot indeed.

FWIW, Newsweek said Obama was, as President-elect, asked if he wanted to keep the bust, and he said “no, thanks.”

I wonder if the DVDs can even be played in the UK. They’re usually restricted by region and TV system (PAL / NTSC).

Heh well it’s all relative. in England DVDs aren’t that uncommon but an Ipod Touch in Turkmenistan is like alien technology!

I thought it was sort of funny that Brown brought him some churchill memorabilia. :wink: That tells me this doesn’t go just one way. Churchill was a fucking tyrant to other parts of the world.

I refuse to get worked up over a gift I would be happy receiving. There are surely enough perks to being the head of state that a personal gift from a foreign nation isn’t going to make or break the deal.

Including Kenya, where Obama’s granfather was tortured after the Mau Mau rebellion on Churchill’s second watch.

This bothers me. First, as far as I know, President Obama didn’t pick the gift. That’s the State Department’s bailiwick. Second, if an expensive gift had been given, people would have bitched about that too (“why are we spending this money in the middle of a financial crisis?”). Third, how was President Obama or the State Department to know that Prime Minister Brown would give something so rare, thoughtful and historically valuable? It was a tremendously wonderful gift, but who knew, beforehand. Fourth, giving movies is not “crass.” The American movie industry is an important part of our culture, and these movies represent the best of the best in writing, acting and directing. They weren’t bought at Best Buy, the boxed set was specifically put together by the American Film Institute. These are the movies that were in the set:

Maybe it’s because I’m a movie buff, but I’d much rather receive great movies than something that’s interesting but really, fairly useless. The British government should have their film people put together a set of important, highly-respected and fun British films to give away. That’s be cool.

I thought the gift was an innovative and interesting way to both save money and pass along a very important part of American culture.

Maybe his protocol advisers are as competent as his economic advisers. :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, maybe they are the same adivsers. :smiley:

Brown’s a bottler and a blunderer. The last time he visited America was when the Pope was in town. D’oh!

Yeah it’s funny Brown’s gift was far more offensive. A Seven Volume Biography of Churchill.

This is all sort of pathetic. It’s like a mistress complaining that her bouquet had only TWELVE roses instead of 24. The outrageous snub!