Did Obama snub Gordon Brown?

There has been a lot of press regarding Obama’s snub of Gordon Brown. Has anyone been following this? It’s a very unfortunate incident at least in terms of PR in my opinion.

Here is Michael Totten on the subject:

I’m skeptical that the Telegraph has much of an insight into a Labor government leader’s personal feelings.

Gordon Brown can suck it. I would be surprised if his little tantrum on the way over did not affect his reception here. Because real estate prices in Britan are America’s fault. Tell me another one, Gordo.

What tantrum are you referring to? I hadn’t heard about that.

This tantrum.

Ahh, I found an article about it.

Why would that have anything to do with his reception in America?

This is a great bit from the Torygraph:

Yes, aside from increasing troop presence in Afghanistan, creating a withdrawal strategy from Iraq, writing personal letters to the president of Russia, visiting Ottowa, and protesting the harassment of a US Navy ship in the South China Sea, Obama hasn’t spent any time on foreign affairs matters in the seven weeks since he’s become president.


Doesn’t the President have protocol advisers to take care of all this stuff and be sure all the little niceties are observed? I mean DVD’s? C’mon…

Essentially blaming America for his failures over the past decade.

He can return the DVDs when he is no longer PM next year.

Definitely low rent gifts. I think I saw that movie basket on sale at Target over the holidays. It came with a few things of microwave popcorn too.

I’m not exactly thrilled with this either from the State Dept. :

Either some junior staffer needs to be fired, or Mrs. Obama needs to quit shopping at Wal-Mart.


Well, IF someone in the State Department said that, he would be contradicting his boss: “This notion that somehow there is any lessening of that special relationship is misguided… The relationship is not only special and strong but will only get stronger as time goes on.”


Possibly both.

To be fair, Topshop isn’t all that much better. At Topshop you pay Banana Republic prices for Target merchandise.

Obama got elected blaming America for the global meltdown. What a great excuse to highlight his ‘change’ message. Of course you don’t want to get TOO close to the guy that’s on his way out. Obama can do better with the next Prime Minister.

Having read the whole Telegraph story that the Commentary piece was based on, I don’t believe a word of it.

  1. I’ve dealt with State Department spokespeople. They don’t say “boo” without permission from a superior. They certainly don’t rant about countries not being important. That’s a basic principal in diplomacy. These people are career diplomats, not green folks that Obama has brought aboard.

  2. The unnamed American source seems to be talking out of his ass with no factual basis for his conjecture.

  3. I doubt that the Telegraph has access to sources close to Brown.

  4. Since when does a government official even pay attention to the gifts that are exchanged? They don’t get to keep them. I find it hard to believe that they would find the time or energy to actually complain about them.

Brown is taking a lot of crap back home and has been publically pressured to apologize for his numerous policy blunders that have led Britain down the road to its current predicament. So he blames America in a heated conversation and makes several arguments that are prima facie nonsensical. Should Obama show his support for the people of Britain by showering thoughtful gifts on the man whom the people clearly loathe?

Well it goes two ways, one he’s a man, the other he’s the Chair. You show respect to the Chair regardless of what the man sitting in it does. I have a hard time parsing this one. I would never have given a visiting dignitary something so crass.

Meh, it’s not the Cuban Missile Crisis but I don’t understand the gift gaff at all. They employ people to take care of this stuff and the newest and lowest of aids should have been able to do better than a DVD collection. It’s as if we sent Charley Brown home with a rock.

You’re right, you would have given the visiting dignitary the clap instead. :slight_smile: