Did Oprah Really do this Show?

My friend emailed this to me and swears he saw this episode but I can’t really believe it. He’s kind of jokester and such.

Then again; it is November and they do some crazy things for sweeps.



To save everyone else the trouble of clicking on the link, the story says that Oprah gave free “white babies” to everyone on a show about infertile couples.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if such a thing happened it just might have been reported in some mainstream media somewhere.

Hmm – did Oprah do a show in which she gave away white babies?

From your citeChicago, IL – Billionaire talk show host and do-gooder extraordinaire Oprah Winfrey surprised her studio audience filled with infertile couples by giving them all white babies they are not able to have on their own, Underneath Hollywood has learned.

I’ll say “no” even without checking Snopes.

If she did, I’ll bet Pontiac paid for the babies.

This cracked me up:


That is pretty funny! They couldn’t figure out that the babies were under their seats for the entire first segment?

Yeah, and the word “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary. :smack:

Uh… you do know that’s a satirical website, right?

Satire? Oh, it’s…

…never mind.

Yes. Oprah gave away white babies.

And next week, everyone in the audience gets the thrill of clubbing their own seals.

I can understand not being able to figure out there were crying babies under their seats but I can’t imagine the audience would be fooled by the seals. Wouldn’t the baby seals start licking their ankles?

That picture is SO photoshopped! Look at the contrast between the baby and Ophra!

Of course there’s contrast between the baby and Ophra. She’s black , and she’s giving away* white* babies.

I have to feel sorry for Oprah (the show, not necessarily the person) sometimes.

A few years ago, one of my clients was threatened with a boycott because they were an advertiser on Oprah (the show) and Oprah (the person) said/did/hosted something outrageous.

Only two problems. Oprah (the person) never said/did/hosted what was alleged. And my client never advertised on Oprah (the show).

Of course that’s totally PC, but what if a white talk show host decided to give away a bunch of black babies? It would be an outrage! I demand equal rights.

That’s why I hate Oprah.

Not that she gives away white babies. For heaven’s sake, who hasn’t at least once?

But that media whore pretends she thought of it.

I am personally offended that this website would purport such a fact. Everyone knows Oprah is ethnically colorblind and would give away children of all races. Equal opportunity adoption.