Did Pelosi just un-invite Trump from the State of the Union?


In this case that decision amount to precisely nothing. Pelosi made the decision, so doesn’t matter what trump thinks.

The evidence is that Pelosi is smart as hell and incredibly savvy when it comes to political maneuvers, whereas Nielsen is a known and repeated liar in the service of one of the world’s most prolific liars. It’s a Goofus and Gallant of political statements.

If you’re determined to believe Goofus and say, “What evidence is there that Gallant’s telling the truth and not Goofus?” you gotta do you. But at some point the rest of the world is going to pay attention to the integrity folks have shown in the past and use that to judge their current statements.

His version is "The buck stops with everybody". And sometimes "I’m not going to blame myself, I’ll be honest".

I guess that’s a “no” on the cite then? You’ll just believe whatever lies Pelosi spews?

Where’s your cite that she didn’t speak to anyone first? That was your original claim, which has not been backed up yet.

And I’d take almost anyone in the world’s word over Trump or his lackeys at this point. It’s insane to take anything coming from that side without a dump truck full of salt.

I think you’ve fundamentally misunderstood the point. Ravenman said “I don’t think a speech is an essential government service” (and on that we probably agree). Pelosi’s objection was that the security personnel necessary to adequately manage security for the event are furloughed and therefore not available, but as we’ve seen with the IRS, President Trump can deem them essential and bring them back to work.

Do you want to be protected by security forces that are not being paid? If you were a security officer being forced to work without pay how would that make you feel.

If your boss forced you to work without getting paid you would be ok with that? No problem? Who needs to pay rent or buy food right?

I provided a quote from the Secretary of DHS.

If, say, the head coach of a football team says “we can’t have the game because the ground crew won’t be available”, and the head of the ground crew announces on Twitter “we’ll be available, there’s no problem”, the likeliest explanation is that the coach never checked with the ground crew. I suppose some alternate explanation is possible. Perhaps the coach checked with the ground crew, knew they were available and went and told the lie anyways, knowing full well that it would be contradicted shortly, but that her team would believe her anyways.

Oh right because she has no incentive to say whatever will support her boss. Right. My god how can someone be so gullible.

“Not getting paid” is not, I think, an entirely accurate description of the situation. They will receive payment, just not right now. As for whether I’d like to be in that situation, no, I would not, which is reason #6,742 that I do not work for the federal government.

Can you see that Pelosi has incentive to say whatever helps her achieve her political aims too, or do you think it’s just one side that’s motivated by politics here?

These things don’t follow, but no, I’m not going to cite that Nancy Pelosi did a minimal amount of research before sending a letter that she knew would become front-page news. That’s a dumb cite demand.

Trump has an opportunity (not that he is likely to take it) to make Pelosi and the Dems look as petty as they are being. Give the SotU address from somewhere else, in DC, and mention how Pelosi doesn’t even want to hear anything about anything about the state of the USA until she gets what she wants. “The Democrats won’t listen, so I am fulfilling my Constitutional duty, in accordance with the tradition of the last century and speaking directly to this great nation.” Etc.

Hold it in a venue large enough, and reserve a seat for every Democrat in the House and Senate. Intersperse the speech with shots of the empty seats.

I wonder if Pelosi thinks there are enough security personnel for the Democratic response, if any.


That’s not actually as much of a power play as you think it is. Do you think President 1,000 Hamberders is gonna pay for that venue out of pocket? Or is he gonna bill the government for it?

HD, this habit you’ve adopted of nitpicking people’s statements with no interest in weighing in on the actual substance of the issue has gotten extremely tiresome. Seriously, it’s gotten to the point that if a liberal says, “The sun will rise at 6:42 this morning,” you’ll get on their case that the sun rose at 6:42 three days ago, with no acknowledgment that the sun does indeed rise in the morning.

If you want to take as gospel everything said from your side that’s your choice. It’s incredibly naive and foolish, but it is indeed your decision.

Right now most of the country disagrees with you based on every single poll on the shutdown. You guys have a losing hand here and your leader is putting your entire party all in, so I guess we’ll see how it all plays out, but it’s looking really bad for the Republicans right now.

So, you suggest the usual level of truth-telling that Trump engages in. Wonderful. That’ll teach her.

You’re talking about a guy that had a hard time figuring the logistics required to feed a bus full of football players.

So? The claims Republicans make aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.