Pelosi and Schumer say they'll pass legislation to end the shutdown. How?

This sounds like bullshit to me. Congress couldn’t magically end the the shutdown during Clinton or Obama’s administration.

How on earth do these two hotshots think they’ll legislate themselves out of this clusterfuck?

Schumer does know he won’t control the Senate? This nitwit is this the * Minority leader *.He can’t do squat. I love how he demands! Trump forget about any wall. :rolleyes:

You’re interpreting “the house will pass legislation to end the shutdown” as “the house will end the shutdown”, which isn’t the same thing. The former (which is all they’re claiming) is probably easy.

The Senate has already shown that it’s willing to pass a clean CR unanimously.

Yes. The new House will pass the legislation, then Senate Republicans will look at the polls to decide whether or not to go along with ending the shutdown.

They’ll need a veto-proof majority vote, of course. The toddler in the Oval Office isn’t going to grow up in a mere two weeks (or so).

What motivation do the Democrats have to do anything right now? Don’t they gain more power January 3? I would think they could wait out a shut-down and resume work after the House is Democratic.


Why the animosity towards them (hotshots, nitwits, rollyeyes), when the whole premise of this thread is that you don’t understand what they are trying to do?

I’m not seeing any grown ups on any side of this mess. Pelosi and Schumer are saying no wall! That’s not how you negotiate. The White House has said several times the 5 billion is negotiable.

Eventually a smaller amount will go towards the wall. The comprise bill last week had 1.5 billion but not one penny could be used on a wall. It was for border security.

Eliminate that restriction and the budget crises can be settled for now.

Pelosi and Schumer were very dismissive of Trump during the WH meeting. Pelosi even lectured You don’t have the votes.

They should have realized that kind of attitude would enrage Trump. You don’t goad an angry bull. Stand up to him, Yes! But, don’t try to humiliate the President right in the Oval Office.

Now we have a budget crises.

Why should they negotiate? The money for critically important issues, such as help to PR couldn’t be found, but we’re supposed to redirect monies (after implementing a tax cut), towards this ego-driven folly that will help no one. The budget had monies for border security, just not a ridiculous pork project like a wall.

Schumer is a consummate politician who knows how to negotiate. Sometime, though, the stakes are too high to just given for expediency’s sake. Trump is the one who is single-focused on this vanity project and is refusing to be the grown up.

That’s not being dismissive- that is challenging bald-faced misstatements with truth. Pelosi was also saying she didn’t want to bicker infront of the media and that should be voicing s commitment to work together, but he kept saying he had the votes.

She was supposed to smile and nod and say “you’re right, sir”?

What’s so special about him that he should be protected from being angered? He owns his own responses. The biggest problem we have is not too many people speaking truth to him.

And yet, even with majorities in both chambers and the Presidency, Trump doesn’t have his wall. Instead he has yet another shutdown (third this year, for those playing at home).

I seem to recall someone saying something about shutdowns a few years ago:

Seems like someone needs to read The Art Of The Deal again.

They’ve made it clear Trump isn’t getting a wall paid for by the American citizens.

I promise you right now what will happen is there will be some petty compromise–“here’s a few million for you to claim for ‘border security’” and Trump will parade around claiming victory.

And it will work, because Trump supporters are so small-minded and fickle simply by the mechanics of supporting such a fickle and small-minded person, so you will all lean back and grin and go “we won.”

He swore Mexico was going to pay for the wall and you–YOU SPECIFICALLY OP–don’t even want to TOUCH those campaign promises and instead want do the mental gymnastics of turning this idiotic wall into the Dem’s problem.

It’s not.

It’s squarely Trump’s problem. He swore Mexico was going to fund the wall. He never ever mentioned the wall *WITHOUT *screaming Mexico was going to pay for it. IT was never a stand-alone promise–that one way or the other a wall will be built. No, it was instead hand-in-and a Mexican-only sponsored wall that they “will love to pay for,” because he would so “masterfully negotiate it.”

He was never capable of accomplishing that. Now you want to make his failure the Dem’s responsibility?

Explain how this is a reasonable or rational line of thought. Explain to me how his failures as a weakling become MY tax burden?

Why not, if you think he has poor control of his temper and can be provoked into mistakes on camera?

Like saying he owns the shutdown, which really puts him in a very weak position. The Democrats don’t want a wall and they don’t want to help make Trump look good. There is no win for them in going along with his tantrum. Seriously, if he has so little control that he can be maneuvered that easily, theres’ no reason not to do it.

Funding is a second level decision.

The first level decision is : should there be a wall?

Trump says yes.

The incoming majority in the House of Reps is saying no.

There’s no point in negotiating funding if you don’t think there should be a wall, because as soon as you do that, you’ve conceded the first decision, whether a wall should be built.

Some things just can’t be compromised on. Wall or no wall - what’s the compromise you would suggest? A wall that only covers half the border?

Yeah, how dare those Democrats show real leadership! They should just be weak little toadies, so they don’t make poor little Trump feel inadequate.

We already have a wall along part of the border. That ship sailed 15 years ago. It’ll probably never be fully completed. You can’t build a wall in the mountains.

One interesting development is the 16 million already pledged for the wall.

I’m surprised Trump hasn’t publicly supported this campaign. Almost 50% of America supports border security. I think the go fund could reach it’s 1 billion goal if the Republicans get behind the campaign. That would ease some of the political pressure.

Back on topic.

What could Pelosi and Schumer possibly do Jan 3?

There’s no chance they’ll get a 2/3 veto proof majority.

Schumer & Pelosi sure seemed confident, in that quoted joint statement that they had the answer.

Meanwhile I have friends who are very worried. They are in 60/40 funded jobs. 60% state funds and 40% Fed. It’s pretty scary for them this holiday.

Maybe they don’t want the government to remain closed for that long?

And they may be wanting to put together a funding bill that’s so reasonable that if Trump vetoes it, it will further reinforce the notion that it’s a Trump Shutdown, not a Democrat Shutdown.

Also keep in mind, Democrats already have enough votes in the Senate to block the wall funding. That doesn’t change on January 3.

Supporting border security is not the same as supporting the wall.

The OP might want to remember that the Senate passed a clean resolution 100-0.

Look at that number. 100-0. Unanimity. A done deal.

Want to bet that Pelosi will get a bill passed in the House that exactly matches that Senate bill? That the bill passed by both houses will go to Trump? That such a bill won’t be vetoed?

Remember that Trump blew up the 100-0 deal because Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh yelled at him. You know how many people are going to be yelling at him when the shutdown lasts into January? He’s not a bull, he’s bullshit, soft and squishy and smelly. When he’s stepped on, he caves. Pelosi and Schumer are going to step on him hard, and for the next two years.

Look, your side lost on this shutdown. Heck, it lost when it elected Trump. The consequences are now become obvious. There is no government in the White House. The adults are in Congress, and they all have -D after their names. It’s going to be saD for Donnie.