Please Explain Trump's Latest Shutdown Threat

i am sorry if I am being dense, but how exactly can Trump threaten a Government shutdown if no funding is provided for the infamous Wall (along the southern US border)? I am under the impression the FY-19 budget passed. I work for the Federal Government, and I never heard a single word of threat of a shutdown come Sep 2018. Now, all of a sudden, Trump is screaming for funding when the deed is (presumably) done for FY-19? Can someone explain this? Did I miss something?

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He’s the tail wagging the dog. He’s trying to change the talking points on the news shows. He doesn’t like how the investigations are going. And apparently he’s pissed to the gills.

Here is my understanding. The deadline to fund the government was actually Oct 1. In September, a short term extension was passed. Congress passed another extension when Bush died, so they have until Dec 21 to get the rest of the funding in place.

Several departments have had bills passed to cover their funding (including defense and, hey, the legislative branch). There are more that have not had bills come up to vote yet.

The Democrats were supposed to threaten to shut down the government to prevent the border wall spending. Trump stuck his foot in his mouth and offered to shut down the government for them.

Pelosi was calling it ‘Trumps shut-down’ after the meeting.
He’s officially stepped in the doggy doo-doo, A-GAIN.

In the meeting Beckdawrek, she called it The Trump Shutdown IN the meeting. It was a truly beautiful moment. He looked like he was going to choke to death and repeated it back at her looking incredulous that she had the balls to go there.

And yes about the doggy doo-doo. Stepped into it up to his knee.

Tell me again why Nancy Pelosi is too old and past her prime to be Speaker and leader of the Opposition to Trump?

As if Loser Donald would pass up the opportunity to have something named after himself. It’s going to be the bigliest, yuugest, most tremendous (in terms of shutdowns) shutdown that’s ever been, and he’s going to be the one who did it, all by himself like a big boy, without help from anyone else.

What’s hilarious is that Trump made a comment about Pelosi being in a weak position (since she has had to work to round up votes for Speaker). I think Schumer stole the show yesterday with that “I own the shutdown” exchange, but Pelosi came out looking great.

Trump is the single worst negotiator I have ever seen.

I disagree. Donald doesn’t drink. He’s *naturally *this incoherent, insecure, paranoid and stupid.

And he got comprehensively outmaneuvered. If the government shuts down, it’ll all be on him and only him.

I think Beck used “pissed” as I would, to mean really, really, angry.

Since Mexico is paying for the wall, I fail to see what all the comotion is about.

Mexico wrote a check for $5 billion to the US Treasury, but they forgot to write “big, beautiful wall” on the memo line, so it went into the general fund. Now Trump needs congress to allocate the funds to pay for his big, beautiful wall, of which large portions have totally already been built.


I dunno - who gets angry “to the gills”?

Although he is quite an angry man.

**Please Explain Trump’s Latest Shutdown Threat

**The threat was carefully crafted to be broadcast by the invited lying media as an intimidating public display of Trump’s masterful negotiating skill, which is tantamount to stomping one’s feet and holding one’s breath like a three year old.

The Swamp Creature.

Yeah, I wouldn’t use “pissed to the gills”, but I think it was an accidental admixture of US and Brit usage.

Right Beck?

Either that or it was meant to display how poorly and unfairly the Democrats treat the sitting President. I mean, Chuck raised his voice in the presence of the President - such disrespect! There were two Dems to one Trump - he was outnumbered and being bullied by them - he had to fight back - Go Get 'Em Trump! :wink:

I think before that meeting Trump said to Puppet Pence " Just sit there and don’t say anything. I got this."

… he sits back, eyes closed, dreaming of Mother…

That sounds like fun:


French chips

Make fun piss out of you.