The Nancy Pelosi appreciation thread

It’s funny how she was, merely a few months ago, even more of a super bitch than Hillary Clinton, facing an intra-party revolt from political outsiders who were certain she was an old hag who had no place in politics.

But take a look at what she’s doing now. Look at how she’s playing Donald Trump. The Trumpster fire knew how to beat Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, and he knew how to wreck much of the Washington establishment. Trump has changed the calculus of campaigning.

But Nancy Pelosi is an entirely different opponent, and I’m not sure that Trump (or even the layperson) really understands it yet. Pelosi is a shrewd, calculating, political bad-ass. Donald Trump is like a tough man contest brawler. He screams. He charges. He throws haymakers. And the rest of the Washington establishment wasn’t prepared. Nancy Pelosi is like an aikido-ka. She’s using his raw energy against him, and pinning him in his own corner. It’s a sight to behold.

Go, Nancy, go!!!

Love it.

Please, please, please, dont do this. I beg you and all liberals, to not hold her (or anyone else) up as a paragon. Ideas, not people, are what should be the foundation of any sustainable viewpoint. Let the Pubbies do the hero worship (Reagan. Trump) thing, and instead focus on ideas like fairness, wealth inequality, voter equality, and adherence to the ideas of checks and balances.

I don’t hold Pelosi up as a paragon, except to point out that she’s ripping Trump’s testicles away from him – and that’s just a fucking awesome thing when you consider all the limp-dick, hyper-sensitive, sniveling, snot-nosed white male mother fuckers who supported him and who despise Nancy Pelosi for being a strong woman.

I want to go one thing off my chest in case I haven’t made it clear. Some people say shit like “Oh, don’t hate the voter, hate the politics and the politicians who exploit them.”

Naw, sorry, but fuck that. It doesn’t take too much effort to be a good person, a good citizen, and a lover of thy fellow man. If you’re voting for Trump and if you’re not voting against him, then fuck you.

Can’t believe I’ve missed the term “trumpster fire” until now. Great neologism to whoever came up with it!

Anyway, Trump did not beat Clinton on the campaign trail. He beat her in the Electoral College. Two different things and something that sticks in his craw to this moment.

What does this have to do with the topic, or your OP?

It’s like you try to stay on the subject, even if it’s your own subject, and you were doing so well… But you can’t go through a whole paragraph without getting red in the face and shouting “Screw You! You Didn’t Vote Against Trump!” (which by the way is virtually no one in this thread).

I’m going to call it Tourette’s/Trumpette’s Syndrome.

Walking. Chewing gum. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, there’s that of course.

But in the meantime, before the US gets back to a state where actual discourse and shit matters again, it’s grouse to see her kicking him in the nuts.

Go Nancy…this Aussie sheila approves. :smiley:

So why is this in the Pit?

Where’d you get that rolleye smilie?? MUCH better than the one offered here!

So we can bitch at asahi?

The problem with Pelosi is that she’ll use her leverage for some stupid small-ball gain. She doesn’t understand the game has completely changed and she’s so fucking old. I’m gen x and I waited my whole life for the boomers to get out of the way and they never fucking did.

:alien: Aliens.

Get used to it. The WWII generation held the White House for FORTY YEARS, from the Supreme Commander to the youngest Navy aviator. Boomers will do just as well, maybe even better considering medical advances. Gen X will be the new “silent generation” which fielded the likes of Dukakis, Babbit, McCain, Hart and more. The presidency, like many traits, skips generations occasionally.

Depends on your device I think.


What gain do you want her to go for?

With age comes experience and skills, do you think Trump and the GOP would be scared of any of the young frosh congresspersons?

Interesting, I can see the alien and the octopus but not the “nice rolleyes”.

They already seem to think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the unholy love child of Karl Marx and Margaret Sanger, with a touch of Saul Alinsky’s DNA mixed in, and garnished with a pinch of Jane Fonda.

Say what you like about Ms Pelosi, she didn’t stand back politely waiting for others to step aside and give her permission to strive for her own goals. Have you considered writing to her asking if she might substitute your goals for her own? You could explain that you’re too busy to be politically active, but that your objectives are more important than hers, so she really should just do what you want.

She is keeping the government shut down rather than agree to a few billion to extend the existing border barriers. All for political posturing.