Did Pelosi just un-invite Trump from the State of the Union?


Scenario 1: Trump wants to do something. He’s stopped from doing the thing he wants, and the person who stops him tells him that he can do another thing instead. Now he’s cranky about being told no and thinks the person who told him no is a meanybutt Worst Mom Ever. If he does the thing that Worst Mom Ever told him he could do, that’s letting WME win.

Scenario 2: Trump wants to do something. Someone else tells him to do the thing he was already planning on doing. He’s nonplussed but does the thing he wanted to do to begin with.

See the difference?

If not, I’m guessing you’ve never told your child, “No, you can’t run upstairs to get that book you want to read at school today, we’re already late, but you can read one of the other books in your backpack.” My evidence from 7:20 this morning is that children don’t accept such redirection gracefully.

My evidence from this news story is that neither do man-child presidents.

That’s what you take from the news?

You may not be fully understanding the news these days, doorhinge. Consider the possibility.

You’re really trying hard today.

And failing even harder.

I don’t know how they’re going to measure their participation and voting patterns but I’m really curious to find out when the time comes.

That’s not really the M.O. for the party of Trump…

Pelosi is now playing trump like a trout on the line. From CNN:

Come on Trump. Tweet something idiotic.

Pelosi called the tune and the Democrats marched in lockstep. Elected Democrats refused to go to a meeting to discuss the shutdown while Schumer was telling the media outlets that the President wouldn’t talk to Democrats about the issue??? Move along, politics as usual is taking place, move along, nothing to see here. Compromise and cooperation is dead. (At least for the next two years.)

Like it’s been for the last ten years at least.

One could make a very valid argument that compromise and cooperation has been dead since 1995 (when Newt Gingrich became Speaker). And, if not then, then certainly by 2015, when the GOP retook the Senate, and Mitch McConnell became Senate Majority Leader.

Edit: running coach, GMTA. :smiley:

This. It died in 1995, just took a while for the body to stop twitching. 2015 was continuity, not change.

What do you mean by “complete a thought”? I’m rather comfortable with my posting style the way it is, but if you’ve got some insight you want to share or some examples of what you’re referring to, I’d probably take it into consideration.

I’m not, however, even slightly interested in taking homework assignments from you.

Pelosi: Go to the meeting, with my blessing! You’ll see what I’m dealing with!
Dems: Err, no thanks.

Yeah, that’s lockstep all right.

This, of course, is true: there was a bipartisan bill to continue funding the government, which Trump torpedoed. Hopefully, though, he’ll be impeached before two years are up.

We don’t need to question Nielson’s sincerity, we can just observe that her claim is a bare assertion at this point, while Nancy’s claims about security teams not being paid is demonstrably true. Now, is there a political motive? Gosh, do you think so?

Trump’s arguments for the wall are also all bare assertions, demonstrably false ones too. The ultimate argument against him though is that he doesn’t have the votes to pass his proposal. Shutting down the government to get his way is just stupid and not how the government was designed by the founders to operate.

So Nancy nixes his speech. So what? He wants to nix disaster aid to California based on more demonstrably false bare assertions. Now pubbies are shocked at this breach of tradition and protocol! Lol, I am enjoying that show.

Speaking of bare assertions, Septimus said Trump can be plausibly accused of child rape. What? Anyone got a cite?

I don’t understand why the politics of perception is so hard to understand, TOWP. It’s not that Trump can be “easily ordered” to do stuff, it’s that he is being seen as being ordered not to do something that he wants to do, and it will be seen that he has to comply.

Interesting. Back in the ancient times of oh, 2012, Republicans voting in lock-step was regarded as “party discipline”.

(P.S. There is little point in meeting with Trump, as he has demonstrated that he is willing to renege on any deal that Ann Coulter disapproves of.)

Maybe Pelosi should invite the Republican senators (absent Mitch McConnell) to a conference to discuss ending the shutdown. I’d be curious how many would show up.

Maybe she should meet with Ann Coulter then. Let the women hammer out a compromise?

Tragically, Anne Coulter has no Constitutional authority to negotiate with Pelosi, nor would Pelosi stoop so low.

I thought the Constitution was important to you guys, now y’all want to declare a fake military emergency to send troops into Texas and steal private lands, as well as asking that the Speaker of the House negotiate with the President via private citizens.