Did Phelps Start Out Earlier Than We Thought?

So, my brother went to the recycling center the other day to drop off some newspapers. While there, he noticed a rather old bundle of newspapers and magazines…like, 1960’s old.

It would seem that someone (we’re guessing someone who recently died and whose family is tossing out his old stuff) was a bit of a Kennedyphile. Newspapers and magazines from the JFK and RFK assassinations, as well as other various events in the lives of the Kennedy clan.

My brother knows I like historic newspapers, so he brought them home for me. And there on Page 5 of the November 24, 1963 edition of the New York Daily News is this pic.

Wonder if the “warning” the guy gave JFK was “Don’t be a fag enabler”?

Phelps would have been 34. That guy is way older.

Maybe it’s Phelps’ dad.

Nope, Phelp’s dad had nothing to do with his ministry career. They were estranged early in Fred’s life, almost as soon as he was a legal adult. But there is a picture I once saw, from even earlier, of Phelps doing street preaching while he was at college in California.

Here’s a good article about his life. It was from 1994 I think


Heh…sorry the title was misleading. I assumed this had nothing to do with Phelps and his clan – I was just struck by how similar this 1963 image is to one we see all the time from the WBC nutter bunch.