Did President John F Kennedy attend Mass daily?

Did President Kennedy attend Mass daily? Did he ever attend Mass during his Presidency?

Here is a link to all the churches John F. Kennedy attended Mass at:

AFAIK, he just went on Sundays and Holy Days.

Daily? Far from it.

He was never a terribly devout Catholic, but attended Mass regularly as President.

Every day? What percentage of Catholics go to Mass every day?

Very few Catholics go to Mass every day unless they are in the business as it were (priest, nun, etc.)

My father went everyday after he retired and there was a small group of people who were there every day. Maybe 10-20. But even my father would sometimes skip Saturdays and sleep in.

no, his mother did.

back in the days when priests were plentiful, many did go everyday. some catholic schools would have manditory mass going before school (mum would walk the kid(s) to school and stay for mass).

in my 'hood, one school did this (out of 5 catholic schools within 6 blocks.). the girl’s uniform had a beanie because girls had to have a head covering to attend mass. after v.2 no more beanies and no more manditory mass during the week, just sundays and holy days.

Very few. But I have an aunt who does this. She attends Mass every weekday plus Sunday.

She lives up to her beliefs as well. She is a very good and nice lady.

When I was an altar boy (no jokes, please!) we used to be assigned the two morning masses on weekdays (which was a good thing…we got to go to school late!). The crowd was pretty much always the same and consisted in very large part of ancient Italian ladies wearing black clothes and white lace handkerchiefs on their heads. This was the late 70s-early 80s.

I’m not an absolute daily mass goer but I’d average 3 weekday masses per week. At the chapel around the corner from me there are always 40-50 there for the early morning mass.

Andy Warhol went to mass every day.