Poll: How often do you go to church?

Just like the title says: how often do you go? (Advent starting next Sunday has nothing to do with this. Honest.)

Never, but I’m an atheist.

Once or twice a year, I’m a lapsed Unitarian. Many atheists in our congregation attend more often than I do, pool.

I go just about every freakin’ Sunday, because I sing in our small-but-mighty choir. On a good day, there are three of us in our section. Sometimes it’s just two.

Less than once a year.

twicks, Quaker

Pretty much every Sunday. I also have an average of one or more meetings a week there, if that counts.


It depends. At least once a week, on Sunday. I’m trying to make it to daily Mass at least a couple or a few times a week, too. So, between one and four.

Only when someone in my immediate family dies.

Every week. Plus whatever other meetings come up, but those aren’t actual worship services, they’re other things.

All Sundays and holy days of obligation. Usually between one and two weekday masses as well.

I go in for weddings, and Christmas plays or whatnot that family children are in (mostly my niece, she is in one every year), but never for much else other than business. (I run websites for a few churches, as well as clean the basement of one after events for a small fee…)

Brendon Small

Well, let’s see… In the past two decades I got married in a church, bro-in-law got married in church, cousins funeral was in a church. That makes 5 (three, sir)

Whenever my friends Julie or my friend Hannah ask me to. I helped with Trunk-or Treat on Halloween, and will likely see a couple of Christmas plays because I adore my friends’ children; and because I love my friends.

Closeted atheist, except for here.

Once a month at best. I no longer consider myself a practicing Catholic but for some reason I still like to attend Mass every now and then.

The wide open spaces are God’s true cathedral, so…not nearly often enough. (But I went last week!)

We plan to go every week we aren’t away but it usually works out to about every other Sunday because of different things that arise. We are Episcopalian.

whenever people die or get married.

Maybe three times in the past 21 years.
I’m a VERY lapsed Catholic.

I am too, and I usually make it every Sunday. Having become a 4th Day Cursillisto, I now go twice a week, but only once for worship.

Once a week on Sunday, and once a month on the second Tuesday.