Did Princess Diana predict her death?

Is it true that two weeks or so before Princess Diana’s death newspapers ran a story which quoted her as saying something of major importance was going to happen to her some time in the last two weeks of August 1997? I am almost certain this is true but because more and more newspapers are charging for archive searches my efforts to find out one way or the other have proved futile. I did find out though, that The Times newspaper in England ran a story around August 6th 1997 about Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed visiting a psychic in that week. They died on the 31st of August. Did the Princess talk to the Press about what the psychic had told her or was her prophesy (should it exist) independent of that?

Naw, but it was clearly foretold in the Bible Code

And I think Nostradamus had a quatrain or two about it.

The ‘thing of major importance’ was the subject of speculation and was taken to mean a possible announcements of engagement to Dodi.

Of course our intelligence services working for Her Majesty QE II had to act fast as we really could not have the chance of having a possible Moslem heir to the British crown, so she and he had to be done away with.

Hope this helps.

Not Princess Diana, but Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind. About a year before her death, she wrote a friend “I’m going to die in a car accident. I feel very strongly about this.” She did.

I’ll have to search the microfilm archives at the city library. I’m fairly confident that it’s true. I’d almost bet on it.

I don’t see anything strange though between the way Robin Williams died in Dreams May Come and documentary depictions of Diana and Dodi’s car crash. I really don’t. Wait a minute…what about designer deaths? What if assassins offered performance deaths to order and a copy of their manual fell into a scriptwriter’s hands? Maybe I’ll add that to my Start an Urban Legend here! thread.