Did Rush graduate college ?

This tempest in a teapot over actor’s qualifications to hold opinions got me wondering about radio personality Rush Limbaugh. A bit of [Googling™](Southeast Missouri University) revealed that he attended someplace called Southeast Missouri University. The school exists, and even has Limbaugh scholarships, however there doesn’t seem to be any mention of what his course of studies were, or whether he graduated. Can anyone supply the straight dope on Rush ?

This biography of Rush Limbaugh says he is a college dropout:

I was just going to post the same link.

While we’re speaking of activist blowhards, it’s worth mentioning that Michael Moore dropped out of college very quickly after joining, in order to ‘become an activist’.

Snopes also confirms it:

And this matters how? Do you honestly think that graduating college makes one smarter or makes ones’ opinions more valid?

Since he also lost his college deferment when he dropped out, it’s worth also examining how he managed to stay out of the armed forces.

Limbaugh haltingly claims otherwise, but it looks like he got reclassified by the Selective Service from 1-A to 1-Y due to Jeep driver’s disease, better described as a cyst in the crack of his generous, patriotic, wanted-to-put-it-on-the-line-in-the-'Nam-unlike-Clinton-but-the-doctor-wouldn’t-let-him ass.

However, he also drew a high lottery number for the draft, and likely wouldn’t have been called up anyway.

It doesn’t matter if he went to college or not, because Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.

Some people think so.

None of the members of Rush went to college. Neil Peart is a high school dropout, and Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson “turned pro” after graduating from high school. (Cite)

Hope that helps. :smiley:

I certainly don’t. I don’t think the OP does either. The implication here is that Rush is apparently questioning celebrities qualifications to speak about politics when his own qualifications could also be questioned. It’s not his intelligence that is being called out, it’s his hypocrisy.

Disclaimer: I haven’t listened to Rush for years. I just gleaned this from the OP.


Well there was a goodly dose of curiosity about Limbaugh’s background here as well. Thanks for clearing things up folks.

I believe a man should be measured by what he does, not what degrees he holds. Rush Limbaugh may have dropped out of college, but after college, he went out there and did his damnedest to prove to the world that he was most hypocritical, ignorant, cheese-brained, pathetic blowhard ever to make ordinary folks groan in disbelief at the disgusting feebleness their species had fallen to in the person of Rush Limbaugh. He has brought a special patina to the term “loathsome” and I for one will not gainsay his achievement because he did it without a degree!

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