Did she just shoot her kids? (Progressive Insurance ad)

I’m talking about this ad. In all honesty, I laugh every time I see it. The thought that some twisted ad man created a spot in which a frustrated mother makes an example of one of her kids makes me giggle with morbid joy.

For those who can’t view it right now, maybe a quick paraphrasing will jog your memory:

Now, of *course *that’s not what happens. There must be some simple explanation that I’m overlooking. What do you think happens after she shuts the door and asks her kids to be quiet?

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I have no opinion other than that I’ve seen the ad multiple times and homicide had never occurred to me until I read discussions about it here. :dubious:

I’ve read the previous thread and paid attention to the commercial since then. It always sounds like rowdy kids crashing into/breaking something to me.

Also, and this is entirely random, does anybody have visions of House when the mom says, “Not in the abdomen, Cameron.”? Or am I just weird?

I don’t know that the two are mutually exclusive. Wink

I just thought she can’t control the kids. She asks them to be quiet and they keep making noise. The kids make all kinds of noise throughout the ad; I never noticed anything that sounded like a gunshot. I’ll have to listen for that if it’s on again.

Oh, I didn’t notice your link before. Yeah, I can see how it kind of sounds like a gunshot, but that never even occurred to me before. Probably supposed to be the kids knocking something over.

I thought it was the lamp, which is clearly visible in the background, breaking.

Anybody else think this Mom is totally cute?

Aw rats. Of course there’s another thread. If the mods could find the time to put my sorry thread out of its misery, that would be fine.