Did Sheryl Crow find religion?

I’ve been listening to Sheryl Crow’s new song “Light in Your Eyes” (lyrics) and the only interpretation I can put on the song is Crow is singing about a religious awakening. I’ve seen interviews with her and she’s never mentioned her religious beliefs. Did she recently experience a revelation, has she always been religious and just not used it in a song before, or am I just misunderstanding the whole thing?

It’s my understanding that the song was written as a tribute to the late George Harrison, and viewed in that context it makes more sense - a lot of George’s music was spiritual/religious in nature, and the lyrics of this song sound like something George would have written.

First time I heard it, I thought it was Sixpence None the Richer.

It’s bad enough that’s she’s dating the all-so-wholesome Lance Armstrong, now she’s got religion? What happened to my rocker chick?

Until recently, i had never really heard any of Sheryl Crow’s music (or, at least, not that i knew about). I had always had the impression that she was, in fact, a pretty cutting-edge “rocker chick” whose music was interesting and different.

Then, over the last year or so, i’ve heard a whole bunch of her stuff, and all it sounds like to me is bland, vanilla-flavored, cookie-cutter pop music.

Was her music ever really “rocker chick” stuff, or has the “rocker” part always been a case of style over substance?

I hear Lance is going to sit out next year’s Tour, and is just going to stay home and eat Crowe…

The little home-wrecker busted up not-so-wholesome Lance Armstrong’s marriage.

I can confirm that this is the explanation making the rounds in the music world.

IIRC, Lance and his wife separated before he met Ms. Crowe…

What could be more rock’n’roll than dating a married sports star who’s rumored to have drug problems?

What could be more rock’n’roll than dating a married sports star who’s rumored to have drug problems?

To me “rumored to have a drug problem” would imply that Lance Armstrong is addicted to cocaine or something like that.

“Rumored to be a drug cheat” is a more accurate bit of slander.

Hmmm… Sheryl Crowe busts up (rumoredly) Lance’s marriage.

Russel Crowe busts up (rumoredly?) Meg Ryan’s marriage.

I always knew Crowes were bad luck.

But it wouldn’t have been as funny.

Stewart Lee once alleged that Sheryl Crowe has one very long ear. They look fine to me, but that was what he said, and once he’s said it, it’s out there.

He also claimed that the bloke from Cast had a very small face, and that Eric Clapton had one really slow hand.

Sheryl Crow is, in all respects, the opposite of class. If she “found religion” I’d expect her to be on every TV talk show, proselytizing in the most outrageously obnoxious fashion possible. That’s her style.

And the guitar work is VERY much like George’s playing. I’m voting for the tribute theory.

Yeah, he had no free will in the situation. :rolleyes: Funny how the scorned wives always want to shift the blame from the husband. If he did indeed cheat, I don’t see how that’s Sheryl’s fault. It’s was his choice, blame him.

I like Sheryl. She’s always been a good musician and an interesting personality when I’ve seen her interviewed. I’ve not heard of any bad public behavior on her part, just something of a rock 'n roll lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that, IMO.

How so?

Speaking as fomer “little home-wrecker” myself (gee, I simultaneously had an “Ask the Former Mistress” -and- another in the pit that was inspired by that), I can honestly say that if a spouse strays, and I’ll say this as many times as needs repeating, THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE MARRIAGE TO BEGIN WITH.